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how to implement adult education

how to implement adult education

Smart employers are supporting the move on how to implement adult education in existing universities to get affordable adult education for their staff. Employers are greatly affected with the fast turnover in the human resources department. They are seeking ways to equip their people with the skills and knowledge to be flexible based on the company’s needs. Trainings are conducted internally but these seem to be not enough. Top-performing executives are even sent back to school to get master’s degrees at the expense of the company. However, there’s no guarantee how the business will benefit with the educational advancement gained by selected employees when you can’t force them to stay in the company for good to justify the high expense paid. Both will surely benefit from the following positive actions that employers can do for the implementation of adult education:

  1. Develop and re-train a global work force using a formal curriculum in corporate-sponsored universities. Formal curriculums are offered by universities who are partnering with corporations to customize management development to cope with various challenges of specific sectors.

    educational establishments involved are recognized for their integrity in providing adult students the skills they need for career advancement. Corporate partners also become more successful due to the emergence of quality manpower at a very minimal investment.

    Provide a career path for certified adult learners from local universities. Motivation is the key to influence adults less than the age of 40 to complete a career-focussed study to be more efficient in their field of work. Who can refuse a company-sponsored adult education when their promotion is at stake? Local universities have even developed distance or online studies to allow workers to continue learning without sacrificing their job responsibilities. They can progress in their studies at their own pace.
  2. These courses are not limited to academics, but there are also practical applications. An MBA is not the only way to make a person skilful in the chosen trade. Maybe the need for job-specific training that has an equivalent certificate is enough. This is called CEU or Continuing Education Units.

  3. Allow employees to gain individualized certification based on their areas of expertise. In many cases, there’s no necessity in investing a lot of money for corporate educational programs. It is more pleasing for a valuable employee to be encouraged into gaining an individualized certification due to the importance of his or her responsibilities. Professional certificates will also inspire good personnel to take their educational accomplishments to a higher level. Research shows that continuous learning is a great factor for the work force to perform better.

  4. Offer tuition reimbursement as a benefit for continuing education. This is the least you can do to take care of the loyalty of your people who've been working with you for at least a year. This is fully taxable and considered a fringe benefit by the IRS. Tuition reimbursement is the most common benefit offered by a company. Entitled employees will have the flexibility in choosing their courses for adult education. They are not limited to partner-universities. They may choose a neighboring school for their convenience in going home or the best university for their continuing degree courses.

There will be no arguments on how to implement adult education when the educational establishments and private sectors are working together towards the development of the society. The whole country is the large benefactor for this joint venture. An uncompromised level of quality in the work force that is competitive with the global market is a great contributor to national progress. It would be like a domino effect in a positive way. Qualified staff must take advantage of this great opportunity when they can.


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