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how to impress your date

how to impress your date

Impressing a date can only become awkward when you are acting like somebody else. Enhance your style but do not change it. She might like you for being someone exactly like yourself. How to impress your date is not a mission impossible. You can follow the flowers or chocolate-giving traditions, but remember that you are more than that. Bring out the real you by doing the following techniques to impress your date:

  1. Do not use deception to make your date like you. Pretending to be rich by borrowing a Porsche to drive your date around will give her the wrong impression. You might get the attention of the woman, but sooner rather than later you will be punished with your dishonesty losing the woman and so much more.

  2. Do not try to be funny just because men with a sense of humor are cool. Be comfortable with how you are first, and get to know your date also. Check for common grounds and elaborate on them so that you have something worthwhile to talk about. Laughter can come naturally.

    Never use green jokes just to break the ice because it will create a bad impression of you.

  3. Dress to impress, but match your wardrobe with the occasion, venue, and motif. It will be very awkward to be in a suit when you are in an informal setting like in an amusement park. As long as you have a decent livelihood, you should not be ashamed that you do not have a white-collar job. Never exaggerate because you will look proud. It is safer to be down-to-earth.

  4. Avoid being a whiner. You might feel too comfortable with your date because she is a good listener. Negative topics can drain the energy of the listener. It will not take long before you’ll drive her nuts. She might find excuses to cut the date short just to be able to breathe. Do not expect a second chance when this happens.

  5. Give her a token of appreciation when you send her home. Let her know that you are looking forward to seeing her again, and be honest about it. Do what you say. This will make you reliable. A man with integrity will not lie just to impress a date.

  6. Be a gentleman. It’s rude for your date to sit and wait because you are on your phone or laptop at the same time. You might think that this can impress her because you have an executive job, but sensible women will have no patience for these bad manners. Only desperate women can tolerate these actions.

  7. The first date is not about grilling your date to know more about her. Give yourself ample time to get to know her and vice versa. She might think that you are up to something if you are too anxious in knowing about her personal life too quickly. Be interested but do not be too personal just yet.

  8. Tell her what you like about her and why she has caught your eye. Again, be honest about this. If she senses that you are just pulling her leg, she will get the wrong idea that you are just in for a good time.

There are many ways how to impress your date, but they can only be beneficial if you are sticking to being yourself. One thing is for sure, it should not be that difficult if you have good chemistry with her. The events will just flow automatically.


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