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how to improve blood circulation

how to improve blood circulation

The common symptoms of poor blood circulation include cold hands and feet, feeling dizzy while standing, varicose veins, numbness, migraine headaches, loss of hearing or feeling tired. All these happen because you fail to move your body. Since your joints and muscles are not lubricated well, the blood can hardly flow properly. It is necessary, therefore, for you to adopt and apply important health tips on how to improve blood circulation. Otherwise, the problem can result in serious illnesses, such as heart disorder, Reynaud’s disease, phlebitis, arteriosclerosis, increased blood pressure and stroke. There are many home remedies and natural approaches to improve blood circulation. Let us discuss the most important ones.

  1. Get a massage. Basically, a massage to the muscles helps in pushing the blood to the heart through the veins. This increases the oxygen level needed to protect tissues in the legs from deterioration. The moment the tissues deteriorate, ulcers and gangrene are likely to set in next.

    There is a natural pump in the sole area, which consists of large veins termed as Plantar Venous Plexus.

    Each time you walk, the blood in these veins goes up to the legs. Whenever the foot is flattened, the Plantar Venous Plexus is stretched, which allows the blood to travel down to the foot extremities and then to the heart. Because the blood traveling to the heart is essentially going against the gravity, the Plantar Venus Plexus helps in pushing up the blood.

  2. Undergo Hydrotherapy Massage. A combination of cold and hot water, when used during massage, has special effects on the blood vessels. On one hand, the hot water will dilate the blood vessels found on the skin's surface and, in effect, a greater volume of blood can flow while the right temperature is maintained. On the other hand, the cold water will keep the vessels farther from the surface so that proper temperature is maintained. This massage technique can effectively promote blood circulation by providing enough oxygen to the tissue, muscles and skin.

    Make sure you feel warm while the temperature inside the room is also warm. Put on a pair of knee-length socks to warm up. Get a deep bucket and fill it with cold and hot water. While stepping into it, tread for ten seconds. Remove feet and wipe off excess water.

  3. Undergo Magnetic Therapy. This is a regulated therapeutic process of placing magnets near the wrists and feet in order to enhance blood flow. First, put magnetized shoes on your footwear and walk over it every day. Remove them before bed, but if your legs still feel restless at night place the magnetized shoes in your bed socks. The shoes will allow the effects of the magnets to enter as far as the knee.

    Second, put magnetic wristbands to your hands. For better circulation to your wrists, hands and fingers, wear the wristband all day long, seven days a week.

    Third, drink at least four glasses of magnetized water daily. If you are wearing your wristband while drinking magnetized water, the good effects on your blood flow will increase tenfold.

  4. Keep a healthy lifestyle. First, quit smoking. The smoke you inhale will only clog the blood vessels and, eventually, you will experience not only poor blood circulation but also peripheral artery illness.

  5. Eat nutritious foods. Your diet plan should rely more on fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Mayoclinic.com suggests that eating foods that contain omega 3 essential fatty acids can greatly improve blood circulation. Flaxseeds, walnuts, canola oil, salmon, mackerel, soy beans and herring must also be counted in.

  6. Exercise regularly. As recommended by mayoclinic.com, thirty minutes to one hour work outs can help a lot. Dancing, brisk walking, yoga and running are the most common physical activities that you can do. Stretch your arms open wide, arch your back, reach down to your toes and wiggle around. More importantly, make it a habit to keep your mind calm while the whole body is relaxing.

Bear in mind that poor circulation can severely affect the peripheries of your wrists, hands, feet, ankles and body. In order to avoid the development of a more serious disease, you should apply any or all of the health tips we’ve enumerated above on how to improve blood circulation. See a doctor for more information.


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