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how to improve circulation in the legs

how to improve circulation in the legs

People with diabetes are prone to suffer from peripheral vascular disease. Those affected will be limping just by doing simple motor activities like walking or moving from one place to the other. The inadequate blood flow to the legs is caused by the thickening and hardening of the artery walls. When there are interruptions in the blood circulation, the flow of blood to the heart becomes impaired. The same occurs with the blood flow to the legs leading to peripheral neuropathy. Here are suggestions for how to improve circulation in the legs:

  1. Physical activities such as swimming or hiking for 20 minutes or so are helpful in retaining the constant flow of blood to the legs. When there’s pain, the more movement must be encouraged because idleness can make the muscles stiff thus worsening the condition.

  2. If there’s heaviness in your feet at night, elevate your feet when sleeping by using a pillow placed under the ankles. Do not ignore the discomfort because it will give you sleepless nights which can deteriorate your health and well-being.

    his simple remedy will also alleviate leg cramps.

  3. A warm bath will relax your whole body. It can also enhance proper blood circulation especially in the lower part of the body. Be careful in testing the temperature of the water. Setting it too hot can give you rashes that will give you discomfort while sleeping. Remember that quality sleep means a lot to make yourself feel better despite the condition.

  4. If you have high cholesterol or diabetes, make an abrupt decision to start a healthy diet immediately. Don’t waste any more time because damage has been done to your system. You will be able to function properly only when you are energized by the nutrients that your body needs. Supplements will help, but vitamins and minerals from natural sources are more effective in an important way.

  5. Severe cases of peripheral neuropathy might need peripheral artery bypass. It is a surgery in the legs rerouting the blood supply around a blocked artery. Fats or oils building up inside blocked arteries are referred to as atherosclerosis. Angioplasty must be done to widen a narrowed blood vessel mechanically. If left untreated, there’s a tendency that a blocked vessel will form a lump that could become a tumor.

  6. If doing a job that requires standing most of the time, give your feet a break by putting them up every time you have the opportunity like during lunch breaks and upon arriving home. Giving your feet and legs a warm sponge bath before elevating them will make you comfortably relaxed.

  7. If you are a frequent traveler, especially for long trips on airplanes, do a foot exercise every now and then. When the safety lights are off, it is best to stand up, visit the rest room or find ways to have a little walk so as not to impede blood circulation. There’s a tendency that your feet will be inflamed due to the poor blood flow.

It pays to know about how to improve circulation in the legs because you don’t have to suffer the consequences if you know what can be done to ease your sufferings due to the disorder. Taking care of our body is a noble thing to do because we cannot take care of others if we are not well. We must utilize even home remedies if they help in relieving the symptoms. We’ll be able to live a quality life if we do not have to bear these pains every day.


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