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how to improve communication in a relationship

how to improve communication in a relationship

Learning how to improve communication in a relationship can make the bond between you and your partner stronger and stable. Good communication is one of the key factors that can make your marriage healthy and successful. It influences the quality of relationship that a couple has and develops a supportive environment. When you work to improve communication between the two of you, you are promoting harmony and, at the same time, encouraging cooperation. Couples need to communicate so that they can build trust with one another. To have better results, it is suggested that you talk about the things that concern the relationship in particular and the family in general on a daily basis. Read on below for more tips about improving communication in marriage:

  1. Learn to ask. Don’t fall into the mistake of believing that your spouse knows what you are thinking. Neither of you is a fortune teller nor a psychic who can read minds. In like manner, there is nothing more irritating in this world than when your partner appears like he or she doesn’t care.

    herefore, when the other party is silent, upset, or agitated, show a kind gesture and inquire if something is wrong and see what you can do about it.

  2. Learn to listen attentively. Communication is a two-way process, which means there are two parties involved,  the one talking (active party) and the one listening (passive party). They say that to become a good speaker, be a good listener first. This means, listen to what your spouse has to say. Listening implies that you are not only interested in the topic at hand but that you also care. There may be times that your spouse just needs someone to talk to, someone to listen. Be the first person to give him or her that privilege.

  3. Take time to laugh together. Don’t forget that laughing is a great stress reliever. When you and your spouse are extremely busy with your schedules, you tend to miss out on having a good laugh. On a weekend, take a break by bringing your spouse to a comedy bar and laughing as much as you can. Tease one another if your attempts at cooking a gourmet recipe don’t turn out like you’d hoped. Laughing out loud will allow you to remember why you fell in love with your spouse and will help you realize how special he or she is in your life.

  4. Learn to compromise. Avoid being dominant and the “I am the boss” attitude. For example, if your spouse wants to watch a baseball game while you are set on watching a movie, one of you must compromise in the meantime. You can actually do both by suggesting that one of the programs be recorded and viewed later and then sit and enjoy the game with some nice drinks and snacks while you cheer for your husband’s team.  If you want to buy a new dining set, but there is a loan you need to pay off first, forgo the dining set until the highest priorities are taken care of first.

  5. Stay open and honest. Honesty is considered very vital in building a strong relationship. If you are not comfortable about something, let your spouse know. If there is something good that your partner has done, appreciate it sincerely. If you have incurred a petty loan, don’t be afraid to tell your partner, especially if that indebtedness redounded to the benefit of the family. Once you update your spouse about everything that you do, that will greatly improve the openness of your communication.

When there is no proper communication, couples tend to hear information from other people. Of course, information coming from a third party can be erroneous; this can result in further conflict between the two of you. When you don’t talk and listen, misunderstandings and frustrations are likely to set in. For these reasons, it is highly important that you know how to improve communication in a relationship and keep the lines always open.  


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