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how to improve communication with your spouse

how to improve communication with your spouse how to improve communication with your spouse

Couples often take each other for granted because they think that they go home to the same house anyway at the end of the day, and they do not give any importance to the way they communicate. They have no clue that this is the root of all the problems in their marriage. How to improve communication with your spouse should not be overlooked if you want to keep a happy matrimonial relationship. Get a rain check if you engage in doing the following relationship-friendly efforts:

  1. Do you lend your ears to your spouse? Often we can’t wait to tell our spouse how our day went, but do we ever look forward to his stories? Good listeners in general are often missed by the people close to them. This is soothing for the partner knowing that no matter how bad or good the experiences are outside the house, the events can be shared gleefully with the better half at home. Sometimes your partner will mumble when recounting the happenings. Repeat what he said then he will know that you are really paying attention to him.

  2. Trying so hard to communicate can become a power struggle.

    If your partner is irresponsive because she had a bad day at work, do not add to the burden by making accusations that the partner does not care for you anymore. Observe proper timing. You might be quiet while serving him his favorite cold drink, turning on a relaxing movie, and setting the mood which can minimize the moodiness. This is still communication through body language.

  3. Closeness does not require verbal communication. This can be demonstrated through kind gestures. Packing his lunch for work or cleaning her car are few examples of activities that clearly say “I care for you.”

  4. You may have many expectations in your marriage that are not met. You wonder if there’s something wrong with you or your spouse. This is a normal occurrence given that men think differently than women. You will also miss some signs of love just because you are concentrating on what your spouse is not doing. Be more attentive to his or her ways. It helps if you do some research to learn more about understanding your spouse.

  5. Join other couples for marriage workshops to learn more about effective communication with each other. Choose the ones conducted in getaway places so that it can also serve as a holiday for both of you. It’s also fun to spend time with a group of people with a similar status as you. True friendships are normally formed during this kind of activity.

  6. Do fun things with your spouse. Sometimes laughter does not come easy for couples who are preoccupied with their individual responsibilities. This area must not be neglected because this can relieve tensions naturally. Inviting friends over can make the ambience of your home livelier. You can also both go out to watch stand-up comedians do their routines. Aside from laughing at their hilarious jokes that are often related to real-life events, you have something funny to talk about immediately afterwards or later on.

How to improve communication with your spouse will not happen without the spouse doing something about it. If you choose to be responsible in keeping the fire burning between the two of you, congratulations! You have made the right choice. Improved communication will not just nurture your relationship, but the family will also be productive because you are functioning as a team!


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