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how to improve poor circulation

how to improve poor circulation

Circulation problems may start to occur when entering the golden years. Hypertension is common among seniors. Hardened and constricted arteries will result if the artery walls are clogged with cholesterol or plaque deposits. Blood pressure will rise when forceful blood flow happens in the narrowed arteries. Buergers, Raynaud’s, gangrene, and varicose veins can develop when left untreated. How to improve poor circulation is possible by doing the following:

  1. External applications using cayenne can improve blood circulation. Painful arthritis can be relieved by ointments or essential oils when massages into the affected areas. Cayenne can also be taken internally to regulate blood flow and strengthen the capillaries and arteries. Powder, capsule, and liquid forms are all effective. The metabolism will be enhanced with a regular intake of cayenne thereby maintaining your weight.

  2. Boost your blood circulation by taking ginkgo biloba. Enhanced blood flow in the brain will prevent memory loss.

    Ginkgo biloba can also be used to treat varicose veins. When the heart is relaxed by the substance, it will need less oxygen thus preventing breathing difficulties. It reduces inflammation making you safe from cramps, bruising, and thrombosis.

  3. One effective natural treatment for poor circulation can be achieved by combining herbs. Cayenne is the most potent with ginger, gingko biloba, or garlic working wonders. Taking garlic regularly alone will lower cholesterol levels in the blood. It’s a blood purifying agent as well as heart and circulatory system regulator preventing heart diseases. High blood pressure and atherosclerosis can also be controlled using gingko biloba. Ginger and onions are tissue stimulants for better circulation.

  4. Hydrotherapy is a good way to have painless exercises when you already have problems with poor circulation. Doing aerobics in the swimming pool will not have the same impact as on land. You will feel like you can do all the steps and positions as long as you are aided by the buoyancy of water. This will be a fun and relaxing activity at the same time.

  5. Alternate hot and cold showers to oxygenate blood circulation and your skin. The hot shower drives the blood to rush to the skin, and the immediate cold shower will send it back to the internal organs. The sudden movements of the blood cells will definitely shake the problematic circulation issues and put them back on track.

A gradual temperature increase is recommended for the hot and cold shower to apply the shock moderately. Do this around five times with few weeks’ interval to get positive results. The circulation is increased just by distracting the poor blood flow using force. You will immediately feel the difference in just one hot-and-cold-shower session. Partial showering concentrated on one affected part of the body can also be done if you do not want to have a full-body shower. These are practical steps on how to improve circulation. They are not costly and, most of all, they help a lot in dealing with the symptoms. Just take these as simple luxuries in life with great benefits. Most people will do anything to ease the pain and other discomforts. There is no reason why you shouldn’t do it too unless you are ready to suffer from the disease. This will not be a pleasant experience. So get out and about and do your thing. You’ll be glad you did!


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