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How to Improve Your Memory

How to Improve Your Memory

Learning how to improve your memory is necessary and commendable. You may find yourself grasping for words, names, places; you may search and search for stuff you know you saw just moments ago; you may be getting more forgetful. If any of these is true, then your mind is likely to be preoccupied and running in many different directions at once. Because of this, you are likely to forget a lot. But all is not lost. You can employ exercises to stimulate and enhance your memory. There is such a thing as neuroplasticity – the wonderful capability of the brain to learn, adapt, and form new neural pathways under the right circumstances and with the appropriate stimulation. The following tips may help.

  1. Be aware. Know what’s going on around you; pay attention to what’s happening. The easiest way to allow information to slip from your mind is to be absent-minded: to be in one place with your mind in another. You may be talking to your spouse, but your mind is at work – you won’t likely remember anything he or she says. If you’re preparing breakfast while sneaking a look at the newspaper, chances are that you’ll push your reading glasses up your head and forget where they are.

    conscious of what you’re doing, what people are saying, and what’s going on around you will enable your mind to stay in the present. You will be more likely to remember what transpired.

  2. Make connections. When meeting someone for the first time, establish connections in your mind: Who is this person? How is he related to people you already know? Where does she work, or what does she do? The information will expand your ability to recall the person in the future. Repeat the person’s name frequently in conversation. To a reasonable degree, you can use this trick with most other things you want to remember. If you need to buy some groceries, for example, you can visualize getting into your car after work and going down the road to the store. Repeat this exercise throughout the day. Always relate new information to the information you already have of the subject or to something similar. Seeing the big picture instead of individual details will help you recall the information better and faster in the future.

  3. Exercise your brain. You know how they say that doing crossword puzzles or other mentally-challenging games improves your memory? That’s true to a certain extent. But if you’re already good at puzzles and they’ve ceased to be a challenge, you’re only exercising old neural pathways. Learn a new language, try a new hobby, do something that challenges you and requires you to exert effort. Get out of your comfort zone.

  4. Exercise your body. Getting oxygen to your brain is necessary for good memory, and exercise is the best way to do this. When your body and mind are at their optimum, you are able to perform at your peak capacity, whatever your age.

  5. Lessen stress. Stress tires out the brain. Instead of focusing on your priorities, you use your energy to deal with the stress. So do not skimp on sleep. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. Your body and brain need rest in order to recover and keep going.

You hold more information in your brain now than you did a year ago. But, as you age, your memory becomes less sharp than it used to be. Furthermore, the brain stops working as it used to because you don’t exercise it as you once did. The key to learning how to improve your memory is to perform tasks that exercise your brain more.


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