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how to improve your vision

how to improve your vision

Vision problems are increasing, but are there really ways on how to improve your vision? The rapid rise in eye problems in recent years, especially among children and younger people, may be traced partly to too much computer and television use. It may also be the fact that nowadays people stay up longer and sleep less, giving less time for our bodies to rest and be refreshed. The commonly-held belief that all people will start wearing glasses eventually serves to reinforce the tendency of people to start wearing glasses early. Accepting this as inevitable will keep people from trying out other options.  Once a person starts to use glasses and contact lenses, chances are great that his eyesight will continue to deteriorate. Eye problems are common, yes, but need not be your default destiny.  There are ways to keep your eyes healthy. Here are some ways on how to improve your vision so that glasses do not become an unavoidable crutch, or at least delay your need for them as long as you can.

  1. Learn to rest and relax your eyes.

    t is an all-too-common problem: staring too much into a monitor or screen and forgetting to blink. The simple act of blinking will help lubricate your eyes and give them a brief moment of darkness in which they can rest and refresh your vision. Blinking has been given a negative connotation in our culture, such that blinking is associated with weakness and capitulation. Actually, blinking is a natural bodily function designed to protect your vision. Remember to do it regularly throughout every hour. If you observe closely, you will find that staring too long at something will make your eyes unfocused. This is because you are tiring out your eyes. Staring harder will only make your eyes tear up. However, if you blink regularly, your eyes will regain focus.

  2. Pamper your eyes. Just as massages and spas revive and rejuvenate our bodies, regular eye pampering will leave your eyes feeling revitalized. Something as simple as feasting your eyes on nature, especially greenery, is soothing to the eyes. Putting cold cucumber slices over your closed eyes while lying down and listening to music is both calming and refreshing. While this does not directly improve vision, it helps make your eyes feel good and may help protect your eyes. The same goes for wearing sunglasses when you go out under the sun. However, the best way to pamper your eyes is to have regular periods of rest in which you close your eyes up to five minutes at a time. And get enough hours of sleep every night.

  3. Train your eyes to focus correctly. When you look at something, make your mind go with it. Your eyes can be staring too long at something without you comprehending it because your mind is elsewhere. Instead of staring hard, get your brain in gear so you don’t strain your eyes.

  4. Stop smoking and minimize your exposure to smoke and air pollutants. The risk of getting cataracts, dry eyes, age-related macular degeneration, and glaucoma increases with smoking and smoke exposure.

  5. Eat more eye-friendly food. Of course, no single food is credited to improve eyesight. But the eyes, like the rest of the body, also need some specific nutrients, and eating more of these will keep your eyes healthier in the long run. Carrots and other foods rich in Vitamin A, green leafy vegetables, and foods rich in lutein, such as spinach, are known to be good for the eyes. People with a diet heavy in anti-oxidants, particularly blueberries, have been found to be least likely to develop age-related macular degeneration. Fish, high in omega 3, eaten twice a week help fend off dry eyes. Use iodized salt in cooking and food preparation. A good multi-vitamin daily won’t hurt either.

  6. Get regular exercise. Thirty minutes of brisk exercise daily will improve your overall health, which will also help keep your eyes healthy. The body is so interconnected. A well-fit body bodes better for the general well-being of a person.

  7. As much as possible, get out in the open air, and keep your home well-ventilated. Heated air and air-conditioning, excessive hot or cold air, sucks moisture from the atmosphere and from the eyes, which can lead to dry eyes.

There is no proven way to exercise eyes to improve your vision. However, keeping your eyes healthy is a sure way to keep your vision going strong, and this is probably the best way to ensure your vision will stay strong even as you age. Prevention is better than the cure.  You defeat the purpose of trying to improve your vision when you do not protect it from further damage. The technique of how to improve your vision rests heavily on disciplining yourself to be healthy.


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