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How to Increase Your Fertility Rate Significantly

How to Increase Your Fertility Rate Significantly

Studies have confirmed that the fertility rate of women in the US has dropped over the years. Women who are planning to start a family with their partner can benefit from learning how to increase your fertility rate significantly. Staying on top of your health and inculcating good habits that make you more fertile might just do the trick.

  1. Healthy Lifestyle Habits

    Make an effort to stop smoking, drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, and consuming caffeinated products. They fill your body with toxins and may cause impotency. Replace these habits with healthy ones, such as those mentioned below.

    Maintain a healthy diet of leafy vegetables, fruits, and full-fat dairy products. Choose fresh dairy products rich in omega-3 fatty acids to increase your fertility.

    Add ingredients rich in folic acid like broccoli and other leafy greens to your meals. Folic acid helps reduce the risk for possible birth defects.

    Make it a habit to regularly take multivitamins, especially ones with iron and folic acid.

    Stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink at least 8 glasses a day.

    Make sure you are within a healthy weight range for optimal fertility. Put on your exercise gear, get some fresh air, and stay active. Some studies have shown that women who do housework or moderate exercise have higher chances of pregnancy. In other words, any form of activity requiring physical effort helps make your body an ideal environment for conception.

    Avoid getting stressed. Schedule time for relaxation and fun. Take meditation classes or immerse yourself in relaxation techniques. Find time to do your favorite hobbies, and enjoy emotional support from loved ones.

    Avoid using sperm-killing products, such as certain lubricants, glycerin, scented tampons, and vaginal sprays. Avoid douching as well since this can lessen the motility of sperm.

  2. Steps to Boost Fertility

    Being mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy may be enough for you to get pregnant. To improve your fertility rate, take the following steps:

    Start an ovulation calendar, and track the days when you are most fertile. You can also download apps that help you predict your fertility period. Make an agreement with your partner to have intercourse when you are close to ovulation. On your most fertile days, aim to have sex in the morning. Research has confirmed that sperm is extremely potent in the early morning. So when you get in the zone after waking up, take the opportunity to make love at sunrise.

    Experts also state that you should have sex just for the fun of it. Not overthinking your lovemaking can actually help improve your chances of getting pregnant.

    If you’re still having a difficult time getting pregnant, don’t just carry the burden on your own shoulders. Seek the help of a doctor or fertility specialist.

    You will undergo a series of fertility tests to pinpoint any issues and how to solve them.
It takes both you and your partner to consciously create a family to cherish for a lifetime. With these tips on how to increase your fertility rate significantly, you’ll be on your way to getting pregnant and delivering a bundle of joy to the world.


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