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How to Inject Botox

How to Inject Botox

The global Botox market is forecast to reach $2.9 billion in value. The procedure involves paralyzing the facial muscles using Botox - botulism toxin to be exact. The skin will be firm as long as the Botox stays on the patient’s face. This effect normally lasts for four to six months. Certified medical practitioners, preferably dermatologists, should be the only persons to do this. They are taught how to inject Botox. It was originally meant to treat muscle spasms but is now referred to as “Botox Cosmetic”. Its ultimate purpose is to make one’s face look much younger. Here is how it is used:

  1. A sterile cotton ball moistened with rubbing alcohol is used to rub the insertion site very thoroughly - to clean it up. The alcohol should evaporate completely from the facial surface. The face is now ready for injections.

  2. The Botox is diluted with a small amount of denatured saline. The syringe is extended to pull in 3 ml of the solution. The quantity should be uniform for all the injections to give the best results.

    is very important for the right person to perform the procedure on the patient because little details (like the right measurements) are crucial for the success of the procedure.

  3. The needles are placed at one side of the frown line, approximately halfway across the patient’s face. The patient is told to frown before 6 units of diluted Botox are inserted into the corresponding muscles. On the other side, a similar 6 units will be inserted to balance the effect. The pain should be bearable and just a little discomfort is expected. Experienced medical professionals can perform the procedure very quickly, thus lessening the patient’s agony.

  4. Eyebrows should be lifted before injecting 3 units of the solution into each side of the center of the brow, where the lines form. Discomfort and pain are expected. They should be bearable, depending on your tolerance to pain.

  5. The injected portions of the face will be carefully massaged to spread the treatment. The patient should stay upright 4 hours after the treatment. Facial movements are necessary to exercise the treated muscles: about 10 times within 4 hours of the treatment. This completes the Botox treatment.

  6. Patients will be briefed that slight discomfort will be observed for a while after the treatment. The muscles on the face will not feel the same as they did before the treatment. They will also be harder to move. As the treatment takes effect, one will slowly adjust to the slight changes, including the mild numbness on the treated areas of the face, until they feel normal again. It is worth the investment if you can afford it. The cost is around $12 per unit with a minimum of 40 units for women’s treatments for the face and neck. Preservative-free saline is the best option as it is less painful to inject than ordinary saline. You just have to pay more. It’s approximately $10 more expensive per unit than ordinary Botox injections.

Now that you’re familiar with the details on how to inject Botox, remember that it is only for qualified doctors and nurses. It may seem simple but the precision and uniformity of the injections are important. If you are considering having some Botox injections reading the above article will make you aware of how it’s done. The procedure can be repeated after the effects of the injections have faded. That should be after about 6 months or less.


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