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how to install a drop ceiling in a basement

how to install a drop ceiling in a basement

The basement is one place in the house wherein electrical wires, sewerage pipes, and ducts are usually found. If these things are not properly kept in place, they can give a messy appearance on your basement’s ceiling. To address this, you can conceal them with drop ceiling. Therefore, you should learn how to install a drop ceiling in a basement, and put your knowledge in use appropriately. Most drop ceilings are primarily designed to be light in weight so that they can be easily removed, without applying to much force, when repairs are to be made on the electrical systems, pipe, and ducts hidden behind them. The lightweight panels are normally suspended a small distance away from the ceiling joist, and the height of an average basement ceiling is normally about 7 ½ feet from the basement floor. This height allows normal and comfortable headroom. The following steps can guide you on how to successfully install a drop ceiling in your basement area.

  1. Level out your ceiling lines. Measure four (4) inches from the lowest of the ceiling joist and mark your measurement.

    his dimension will be your guide as you draw your lines across the four (4) corners in order to level-out your drop ceiling structure.

  2. Screw the moldings in their proper places. Before you can screw the moldings to their proper locations, you must first locate the wall studs. If your basement wall is made of concrete, you can screw each molding right into the concrete. If not, you can use nails to set up your drop ceiling moldings. The marks that you made earlier in step No. 1 will serve as your guide in placing your drop ceiling moldings.

  3. Place the main runners. The main runners extend from one side of the perimeter molding to the opposite side. The runners must be placed 4 feet apart from each other. If using this specific distance would not allow a proper fit, adjust on the edges on the ceiling so that the broken sizes of the tiles can still be used on the edges and the rest of the standard size tiles would not be compromised.

  4. Support the runners in every third joist. To do this, use a screw bolt and screw it on every third ceiling joist. Tie the screw bolt with 16-gauge wire and loop it into the main runners. This will support the entire drop ceiling structure when the tiles are put in place.

  5. Put the cross tees or cross runners. The cross tees or cross runners should be placed at a distance of 2 feet apart. In the event that the cross tees would not fit evenly, retain an empty space in the exterior part and cut the cross tees in order to fit the exterior space and then set them up.

  6. Cut the panels. Using your utility knife cut the panels and set them up into the runners. Install the panels one at a time.

  7. Cut the tiles in order to attain proper fit. Always cut on the backside of the tile. Do not cut on the finished portion. Use your utility knife again to cut the tiles, rather than a power tool. This will produce less dust residue.

Choosing a drop ceiling system for your basement is a practical engineering design that allows greater flexibility when repairs to the electrical wiring system, pipes, and ducts normally found in your basement ceiling become necessary. With this ceiling system, you do not have to totally demolish or dismantle the whole ceiling if repairs are to be made on any of the things kept in there. Also, the same system provides a beautiful ceiling appearance. The steps we have identified on how to install a drop ceiling in a basement shall be helpful to you any time you want to beautify your basement’s ceiling, while at the same time, keep your wiring, piping systems, and ducts well-maintained. For more useful and relevant drop ceiling installation ideas, browse the internet.


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