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how to install a hard drive in a computer

how to install a hard drive in a computer

The present generation is sometimes referred to as the computer age because of the number of rapid breakthroughs in computer technology. Learning how to install a hard drive in a computer is very important because a computer cannot function without a hard drive. To better understand the concept of a hard drive and how it works, let us address a few key points. A hard drive or hard disk drive refers to the secondary memory device that allows computer users to store and save information in a computer. It allows the computer to boot up and start the whole operation. Literally, the hard drive is the brain of the computer operation. The computer hard drive is composed of four main parts, the head actuator, hard disk platters, chassis and head arm. The platter is made of aluminum, ceramic dishes and glass. The ceramic dishes are used for data storage, and they operate when the computer is turned on. The head arm, as controlled by the head actuator, allows the read/write heads to move onto the information to be read or to be written. The chassis is the casing that organizes and protects all the component parts of the hard drive.

Now, let us talk about the procedures on how to properly install a hard drive in your computer.

  1. Prepare your space. Clear your workspace and prepare the necessary equipment for the hard disk installation. Organize the items so nothing is lost or misplaced.

  2. Disconnect the CPU from the power source. Make sure that the entire central processing unit (CPU) is completely detached from the power source to avoid electrocution.

  3. Ensure you still have an available space or bay for your new hard disk drive. The design of the entire central processing unit (CPU) provides a number of bays that are available should you like to change or add an additional hard disk drive.

  4. Set up your driver’s jumper, if you have one. You can do away with this process if you do not have jumpers. But if you do, then set your drivers by connecting them to a proper cable.

  5. Place the hard drive into the hard drive bay. What is important here is that you securely screw the hard disk drive so it may hold properly. Also, consider the airflow that keeps the hard drive cool most of the time.

  6. Connect your hard disk drive cable to the IDE or SATA cable. It is possible to connect your power source, IDE or SATA cables in just one orientation. The IDE cable can also be plugged in two distinct ways. If such is the case, the red stripe of the IDE cable should be connected to the power source.

  7. Boot your computer. Before you boot the computer, do not forget to connect your computer’s power cable to the surge suppressor. To boot your computer is to make sure that everything is working well.

  8. Set up your hard disk drive in BIOS. On this aspect, all you have to do is to carefully follow the instructions provided in the motherboard manual.

  9. Format your hard drive. This last step requires you to prepare your hard drive both for reading and for writing. There are several other reasons why formatting is necessary, such as the eradication of errors and malicious viruses from your hard drive.

Before beginning, brush up on your basic computer terminology. You should understand terms such as interface, capacity, RPM, cache, average seek time, average latency and average time. As illustrated above, that the hard drive is connected to the computer by using SCSI, SATA or IDE cables and power cord. These three abbreviated terms are the types of hard disk drives. According to its hierarchy, the SCSI is the most powerful and fastest. It is followed by the SATA, while the IDE ranks last. These are the basic steps on how to install a hard drive in a computer. After you finish the job, you can try installing another one on another computer until you master the process.


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