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how to install a new hard drive

how to install a new hard drive

There are pre-installation requirements before proceeding with how to install a new hard drive. If you can handle the worst part during the preparation stage, there’s no reason why you cannot finish the task. Setting the jumpers on the drive so that it will be compatible with the current hardware is the most complicated of all but can be easily learned by interested parties. Jumpers, however, are only applicable when using an IDE hard drive. If you have Serial ATA drives, no need to deal with jumpers at all. Make sure to inspect the inside of the computer’s case and determine the drive placement. If you are using an IDE hard drive, connect the drive on a different IDE channel than your DVD/CD drives. Most motherboards have two IDE channel connectors. You can put your disc drives on the IDE2 and your hard drives on IDE1. You can forget about this if you have SATA drives.  They have their own channel. Since they are still not widely used, get yourself ready not to miss any instructions indicated below:

  1. Shop for all the materials required.

    ke a checklist. It should include: hard drive with manual, controller card, data cable, power cable Y-splitter, and an Ultimate Boot CD. A data cable for the drive is needed if you aren’t installing the drive as a slave on an existing cable. The power cable Y-splitter should serve as the connector if you don’t have a spare power connector. The Ultimate Boot CD will be used when cloning your old hard drive to your new one.

  2. Back up all your existing data. You can either reinstall Windows or clone your old drive to your new drive. You can do this through setup utilities. You can also use a cloning program that you can find in your Boot CD. You can also download this software if you have a strong Internet connection or else buy the CD for a minimal fee. If you opt to reinstall Windows, save the Windows file and other programs so that you can put them back after formatting.

  3. Set the jumpers for the IDE drives. IDE has two drives per channel. The primary drive is called the master, and the secondary one is called the slave. Other names are primary or IDE1 and secondary or IDE2. Most drives are set to be used as masters. So if you want to use one as a slave, you’ll have to change the jumpers which are located between the power connector and the IDE connector. Refer to the diagram on the top of the drive telling you how to set the jumpers.

  4. Proceed to the physical installation. Turn the computer off, unplug it, and take the case off. If you are replacing the old drive, slide the new drive in right where the other one came out. If you are adding a second drive, just pick any empty drive bay. If you need a separate controller card, install it now into any unused motherboard slot. This is only necessary if you want to add more IDE drives than your computer will support with its two built-in channels.

  5. Install the software and the cloned applications to the new drive. Connect both new and old drives to do this. Change any necessary jumpers so that both drives as well as the CD drive are recognized. Boot from the Ultimate Boot CD and select the utility you want to use to clone the drive. Go through the appropriate prompts. Make sure to select your older drive as the source and your newer one as the destination.

How to install a new hard drive is easier when you are installing a secondary drive only. Boot into Windows. In Windows 2000/XP/Vista, your new drive will not appear at all in the “My Computer” menu until you format it.


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