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how to install a new video card

how to install a new video card

A video card is sometimes called a graphics card or a graphics adapter. This expansion card produces output images for us to see. Together with the motherboard, a video card creates the resolution of the picture seen on the screen. Obviously, this kind of technology is commonly used in computers, televisions, gaming consoles and similar electronics. Because technology is rapidly changing, knowing how to install a new video card will prove useful. New video cards appear on the market quite frequently. Every video card has an embedded RAM and a processor. These two devices aid the quality of the images by speeding them up, making them seem more alive. The mechanism starts with the video card itself. It may be just a small part of the whole circuit, but as soon as the motherboard powers up the video card, the processor instantly commands it to deal with loads of information. The monitor then releases the information on the screen, displaying the image. More often than not, those who want to improve the video quality of their computer games will invest in new video cards.

Newer video cards will make the games faster and increase the quality of the images. Here are the steps on how to install a new video card:

  1. The first step is always making sure that you purchase the right kind of video card. Seek professional help or simply research your options. When purchasing the card, bring your computer specifications along to ensure you buy a compatible product. Also, make sure that you have the latest drivers for the new video card.

  2. After all that is settled, it is time to remove the existing driver for the existing video card. This is very important because two drivers can complicate the function of the new video card. Look under the Start Menu for the tools or programs associated with your old video card. Under the Tools Menu, locate the option that says Uninstall Driver.

  3. If you can’t locate this, go to the Control Panel in the Start Menu. Click on Programs. It will show you all the existing programs on your computer. Locate the specific driver for your video card then click on Uninstall.

  4. Delete the driver on your device manager. To do this, locate the My Computer icon on your desktop or under the Start Menu. Right click it and select Properties at the bottom of the options list. It will then direct you to the Properties box. Locate and click on Device Manager. If you don’t see any programs yet, click on the Display button. From there, locate the name of the video card’s driver then remove it.

  5. Once you are sure that there is no trace of the old video card’s driver, shut down your computer. Unplug it from any power source.

  6. Replace the old video card with the new one. To do this, unplug the monitor cable from the video card. Carefully open the case and locate the video card. You will then see that the video card is screwed securely in its respective slot. Unscrew it gently and remove the video card from its slot. Insert the new card by applying a moderate amount of force. Put the screws back in place to secure the new video card. Close the case and plug the monitor into a power source.

  7. For the final step, turn on your computer. You will automatically see a notification from Windows that a driver has been detected. It will then ask you to install it. Just click the Install button and wait for the process to finish.

  8. After the installation process, you must restart your computer to complete the procedure.

  9. After it restarts, set up the resolution to your liking by right clicking anywhere on your desktop. Click on Properties and adjust the settings.

The steps on how to install a new video card are very easy. Once you finish these steps, you can now enjoy quality resolution for the best gaming experience.


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