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how to install a second hard drive

how to install a second hard drive

A hard drive, also known as a hard disk drive (HDD), is a storage device installed in computers. Their main responsibility is to magnetically read, write and save files and data that is within your computer. Now, a regular hard drive can usually accommodate over a hundred gigabytes (100 GB) of any kind of data. Nevertheless, this disk space isn’t always enough for your needs. Increase your available space by learning how to install a second hard drive. Installing a second hard drive doesn't just provide ample space for more data; it also provides a way to secure your important files. If that primary hard drive gives up, you can rely on copies of the files stored on your ‘back-up’ hard drive. If you are a heavy computer user, this could also speed up your processing speed. The steps can be tricky at times, so make sure that you read them all before starting. Here are the steps:

  1. Purchase the second hard drive ahead of time. Research the brands and quality to make the shopping process easier. Also, make sure that you write down the specifications of your computer to ensure that the hard drive and your computer are compatible.

  2. When the purchase is complete, it is time to start the process. First, make sure that you turn off your computer. For safety reasons, you should also make sure that you have unplugged the computer from any kind of power source to avoid electrocuting yourself.

  3. If you already know how to open the case of your computer’s central processing unit (CPU), go ahead and do that. If you don’t know how, you can read the computer’s manual or just download the instructions from the Internet.

  4. Locate the jumper. This is a black box surrounded with a cluster of pins. Using the jumper, make sure that the primary hard drive is set to ‘master’ so that the secondary hard drive will be the ‘slave’. You will be able to see these labels in the same area of both hard drives. Always turn to your manual if you encounter problems.

  5. Now, locate the spot where you will be placing the second hard drive. More often than not, it will be beside the existing hard drive. Sometimes, it is located above or below it. You can make sure of this by double-checking your manual. Once you have located it, gently insert the new hard drive. You may need a couple of screws to secure it properly in place.

  6. Locate the power supply near the hard drive. Connect that to the back of the secondary hard drive.

  7. Locate the IDE ribbon. This gray ribbon is about two-inches wide. This is also connected to the primary hard drive. Somewhere near the ribbon, you will see another room for a new connection. As soon as you find it, connect the secondary hard drive to the primary.

  8. After checking that everything is secured in place, close up your computer’s central processing unit (CPU).

  9. To check if the connection is working, plug in your computer to its power source. Go to Start and then click on the My Computer menu. You should be able to see another hard drive that is ready for use.

  10. If you don’t see this, repeat the steps and check for any mistakes that you made along the way. If you are sure that you have done everything correctly, call a technician for further assistance.

Aside from the slightest possibility that this won’t work on your computer, the steps on how to install a second hard drive can be pretty easy.


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