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How to Install an Electric Dog Fence

How to Install an Electric Dog Fence

Learning how to install an electric dog fence may sound complicated but in reality it is quite simple. Having a professional install it is best, but it will cost you a fortune.  In this regard, it is best for you to learn the installation techniques and do it yourself. It can save you approximately US$500.00. An electrician will be needed if you are not familiar with electricity. Here are some steps that can guide you:

  1. Plan a layout of the area that you want to be covered with an electric dog fence. Draw this on paper with the scaled measurements, making marks on the strategic areas like corners and entrances or exits. As soon as you have the measurements, determine the volume of single wires that you will need. In some areas, you might want to protect the wires with PVCs - especially in areas where water settles or where it can easily be stepped on like entrances and exits to your property.

  2. Lay out the wires as soon as they are ready, making marks on strategic points. Use small flags for markers.

    Make sure these are not destroyed when soaked in rain water, especially on very rainy days. These small flags are important indicators that your dog will take notice of during training.

  3. On connecting wires, take off the covering, exposing the wires about ¾ of an inch.  Knot and loop it on each joint connection and wrap it with electrical tape to protect it from water and to prevent grounding.

  4. Test the effectiveness of your electric dog fence. As the dog goes closer to the wires, it will experience slight discomfort and pressure. This will teach your pet not to go near or beyond the given perimeter, and all it can see there are the small flag indicators. The good thing about this is that it will not cause the dog any pain or electrical shock.  The discomfort will depend on its closeness to the fence. The shock increases as the dog goes closer to the markers. Your pet can stop when it becomes unbearable and it will also remember not to go near the boundary again.

  5. When testing is successfully completed, you can now bury the wires at least 6 inches under the ground. Be careful not to dig into other installations, such as utility devices or structures. There’s a fine if you accidentally disrupt a service because of poor digging. Cover the shallow digging with soft soil and now you can relax as you are assured that your dog will not pass the boundaries. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to install a fence that will block your view of the neighborhood.

Knowing how to install electric dog fence is a skill you can make use of as a dog owner.  This is an effective way to make sure your dog is safe from wandering away from your vicinity.  It does not need for you to be around when it wants to roam around for exercise and playtime. However, you have to test the effectiveness of the installed electric dog fence from time to time to make sure the connection is not disrupted. When your dog is used to it and has in mind the boundary restrictions, then it will learn to not cross the boundaries.


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