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how to install cable TV

how to install cable TV

Most television stations are now geared for digital TV and so more and more people are becoming interested in learning how to install cable TV at home. Although the other option is to make use of a digital converter box, you might still want to use cable TV to be able to view more channels and more programs. In that way, you can set up your home entertainment system with either your TV set alone or along with your DVD and VCR players.

  1. Check your TV for cable connectors. It may not be a wise idea to buy a new TV set right away that has cable connector. Instead, inspect the rear of your TV and look for a screw-like thick portion that has hole right at the center. That same hole is where you are later going to insert the cable.

  2. Call the cable company for your new account. Once you have filed your request for new account, the cable company will either let you pick up the cable equipment, transport it to your home address, or the company will send a technician to deliver it your home.

    The set you receive should include remote control, your new cable box and cable cords, and power cord.

  3. Check your home cable source. It is a big advantage if your home already has cable source that was used by the previous homeowner. It is advisable to check and make sure it’s not faulty, and if it is, to have it fixed by the cable company. Or better yet, choose to have a newer “Cable In” source installed from the outside line. To establish a new source, you need the assistance of a technician from the cable provider.

  4. Attach the smallest cord on the TV’s cable connector. After connecting the smallest cord to the cable connector at the back of your television, connect the other side to your cable box, specifically to the connector labeled “Out to TV” or similar. When this is done, ensure that the pin of the cable cord is screwed tightly onto the cable connector. Your guide is this – turning left (counter-clockwise) loosens the pin, turning right (clockwise) tightens it. “Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey”

  5. Connect the cable source cord. This refers to the cord already installed or newly installed in your house. It’s possible that the cord will come from another room where it was threaded through by the technician or from the wall outlet. The loose end of the cord will be the one to be linked to the back portion of your cable box, the portion labeled “Cable In” or any similar.

  6. Plug the cable box in and let it boot up. Power on your TV and try tuning it to channel 3 or 4. Verify that the cable is now functional. If the boot-up process is unsuccessful, meaning you still have no cable access, you should call the cable provider, who should be able to send you a special code direct to the cable box. After that, you should see that the service is working accurately.

  7. Provide another cord for your DVD and VCR players. First, the “Out to TV” cable cord (which should have been connected at the back part of your television) should be linked to the DVD or VCR player’s connector. In turn, the DVD or VCR’s extra cord must be connected at the back of the television. When using your player, you will likely have to choose the “Input” mode using the TV’s remote control.

Installing cable TV can be little challenging if you are not that familiar with the steps we have identified above on how to install cable TV. But to maximize your savings, you always have the option of attempting it yourself rather than spending for the services of an electrician. Study the process closely to ensure that you do not end up damaging your TV or cable equipment. Repeat the process if necessary until the cable connection becomes fully operational.


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