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how to install metal roofing panels

how to install metal roofing panels

Metal roofing panels don’t come cheap, but they are durable, fireproof, and can withstand any type of weather. You definitely get your money’s worth. You can save even more if you learn how to install metal roofing panels. It will take time, but it’s worth all the money you will save. Before you start, make sure that the weather is good, work with someone else, and wear protective gloves. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Staple tar paper or # 30 roofing felt over the roof’s outer covering or sheathing. The felt will prevent moisture from entering and provide added protection.

  2. Place 1x4 wood strips all over the felt spaced at least 24 inches apart.

  3. Install eave flashing at the edge of the roof. Then, attach the molded foam closure strips. They will serve as fillers between the flashing and the panels. Secure the flashing by sealing it with a bead of butyl tape sealant.

  4. Start at the very edge of the roof and place a metal roofing panel in position.

    least ¾ inches of the panel should hang over the eave. Attach the first panel with a 1-inch self-tapping screw, going through the ¼-inch wood strip.

  5. Install the next panel and overlap the first panel. Make sure that the ridges in the panels fit together like puzzle pieces. Secure with self-tapping screws. Space the screws evenly apart, at least a foot depending on the size of your metal panel.

  6. Continue adding panel after panel until the entire roof is covered. Make sure to place the screws in the same places and that all the sheets face the same direction.

  7. Finish the roof with gable flashing. Flashings should also overlap by at least 2inches. Attach these to the edges of the roof. Seal the flashing and the roof panel with a bead of butyl tape sealant. Next, attach the top part of the flashing with wood screws. It should go through the flashing, the sealant, the panel, and into the sheathing. Lastly, install the front part of the flashing.

There may be differences depending on the manufacturer of the metal panel, but these steps and tips on how to install metal roofing panels will save you from making possible mistakes. Good luck with installing metal roofing panels and enjoy a long-lasting roof.


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