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how to install mobile games

how to install mobile games

You can guess from the word ‘mobile’ that it means that you can easily play games in your electronic gadget anytime and anywhere at your convenience as long as it is loaded with games. Although games are one of the most popular cell phone features, the same games over and over can become very boring and less challenging to play with as time passes by. Thus, the method for how to install mobile games is something that is very nice to learn. Mobile games are video games that can be played on a handy media player, Smartphone, handheld computer, PDA, and mobile phones. Mobile games were introduced sometime in the year 1994. The Tetris game was the first pre-installed mobile game. Three years later, Nokia introduced the Snake game. Since its introduction, the Snake game and its modifications became the most popular mobile video game in the world. Every mobile game can be downloaded via memory card, infrared connectivity, and Bluetooth technology. They are also in many mobile handsets. The advancement of cellular phone technology has also made mobile games very sophisticated.

he following steps will guide you accordingly on how to download mobile games to your cell phone.

  1. Look for compatible mobile games. Search for a number of mobile games that are well-matched with your mobile phone. You can log on to the Internet and search for a wider variety of mobile games or you can use your own mobile phone’s Internet connection feature. Make sure that you visit only friendly, or trusted, game sites to avoid virus contamination.

    Even though there are some games that can be downloaded for free, it is still best to download mobile games from your own network service provider.

  2. Make sure that you have an unlimited download data plan. Understand that downloading games to your mobile phone from your network service provider can be either for a fee or for free. See to it that you have a limitless data plan so you can download more games without a hitch, full and complete.

  3. Download sync software. This software is very important whenever you download games from the Internet first to your desktop computer, and then to your mobile phone. The sync software will facilitate the file transfer from your desktop or laptop computer to your mobile phone.

  4. Download your games. If you are connected to the Internet using your own computer, make sure that your cell phone is connected to your computer. Use your mobile phone’s USB cable connection and connect it to the USB port of your computer.

    If your computer is equipped with Bluetooth technology, you can also use that. Just activate the Bluetooth feature on your computer and on your mobile phone and place your mobile phone close to the computer to facilitate file transfer.

  5. Download games using your own mobile phone. What is important when using this method is that your phone must have stable internet service. Just follow all the commands that your mobile phone internet service tells you. While in the process, give your phone enough time to process the downloaded games until the installation is fully completed. Make sure that the battery of your mobile phone is fully charged so as not to disturb the process once you start downloading games.

  6. Install your downloaded games. Once the downloading process is done, your mobile phone will give you prompt commands to activate the downloaded mobile games. Once the activation process is completed, you are now ready to enjoy playing them.

Compared to text messaging and SMS technology, fewer people play mobile games. While most cell phone subscribers frequently use the SMS and call services of their network provider, only a few are interested in mobile games. This could be attributed to the fact that not so many people are aware of how to download mobile games to their cellular phones or other electronic game devices. The directions we have enumerated are the simplest way to learn how to install mobile games from the Internet to your computer and then down to your cell phone, or from the Internet straight to your cell phone. Although the downloading procedure can vary from one mobile phone brand to another, the basic procedure remains the same. Download more games and enjoy playing.


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