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How To Install Replacement Vinyl Windows

How To Install Replacement Vinyl Windows

Today’s trend in engineering designing is more focused on how to save energy while remaining functional. Hence, the phrase “energy efficient design” has become the latest battleground in the quest for engineering innovation supremacy. This is the case for vinyl windows. The rise of this type of window material is attributable to its excellent characteristics; thus, most homeowners are now starting to find out how to install replacement vinyl windows in lieu of their old-wood window materials. Compared to a wooden window, a vinyl window has plenty of benefits. A vinyl window is an energy-saving and efficient window material. Cleaning this type of window is much easier than cleaning your old wooden window. Moreover, because of the argon found in every vinyl window, each is essentially insulated. Therefore, it allows warmth to stay longer inside the building during winter, and it likewise keeps the inside cooler during hot summer days. It can also protect from the ultraviolet rays. If you want to replace your wooden windows with vinyl windows, the following steps are right for you.

oceed carefully and enjoy the benefits of having vinyl windows.

  1. Take measurements for the height and width. Take each three times and subtract ¼ inch from the smallest of each set of three. The results are what you will use.

  2. Double check your measurements when the ordered windows arrive.

  3. Remove the old wooden window with a pry bar and hammer. Do not discard or break anything. You might need to reinstall them on some other parts of the house later on. Keep the window assembly intact.

Removed the vertical stop-trim first and then pull out the upper and lower sashes. After removing the three window components, remove the divider strip of the wood that separates the upper and bottom sashes. In the meantime, do not remove the exterior stop-trim yet. Inspect the edges of the window opening and remove any protruding nail heads.
  1. Insulate the windowsill with a thin layer of fiberglass insulation. Once the insulator is in place, slowly push the upper part of the window to tuck in more fiberglass insulation on top and on the side until the vinyl window is completely set in the opening. As you do this, do not worry that the window might fall down. The exterior stop-trim will hold it in its place.

    Using your plumb tool, see to it that your window is perfectly level and straight from top to bottom. In case of any slight discrepancies, tap the shims with your hammer to completely level the window.

  2. Sink the screws from the window sides and through the window jamb. Depending on the size of your vinyl windows, you can screw in two to four screws on each side.

  3. Reinstall the interior stop-trim with your hammer. Drive nails through the existing nail holes.

  4. Seal the edges. Fill or caulk any gaps you see between the trim and the new window unit.

With the advent of global warming, the world’s remaining forests should be preserved and protected. Hence, engineers are continuously looking for solutions in order to present alternatives in their building structural designs other than the use of wooden materials. In the past, wood was the primary material for windows. In the present time, however, they can now be replaced with vinyl windows. After reading through the step-by-step process on how to install replacement vinyl windows properly, you can now keep the work going all by your own self. But if you aren’t sure yet about the job, you better engage the services of a local carpenter or builder to do it for you.


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