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how to install speakers in a car

how to install speakers in a car

If you like listening to music in your car and want quality sound, a good stereo in your car is a must. Indeed, every music lover deserves good quality car speakers. You can just get professional help, but knowing how to install speakers in a car can save you money. Installing car speaker can be very challenging, especially if you are unfamiliar to electronics. Normally, it doesn’t matter what kind of car you have. The process is pretty much the same for all types of cars. This article will discuss how to install door speakers. Here are the steps:

  1. Make sure that you have read the manual for the new speakers that you are about to install. Be familiar with the ports, cables, and the parts. If you have full-range speakers, it will probably include the following: two speakers, speed clips, wires and cables, and screws to mount the boxes. Also, check if the package includes grilles, which are important for ventilation. If not, just buy the necessary grille separately.

  2. In order to prevent any electrical system malfunction and also avoid draining the battery of your car, disconnect the negative terminal.


  3. Aside from the normal left and right speakers, you have to decide on where to put any accessory equipment, such as the tweeters. Tweeters are loudspeakers that are usually placed on top of woofers approximately 1 foot or less. Also, take into consideration the kind of mounting that you will be using.

  4. Before you can install the new speakers, obviously, you have to uninstall the old ones. Take out the speaker crank cover with a good window crank removal tool. Next, get rid of all the screws attached to the door panel and door pull cup. After that, the door panel and pull cup should just easily slide off. You should be able to see the speakers now. To remove it, unscrew the fastenings.

  5. Due to the common usage of external crossovers between woofers and tweeters, you have to fuse the wiring harness and the input wires of your crossovers. To do that, you have to first cut the wiring harness slide connectors and strip the wires. Next, apply a small amount of heat shrink tubing on both the wires and the wiring harness and then twist them together. Once they are intertwined, you can use a heat gun to melt the shrink heat tubing so that it will stay in place.

  6. Now you are ready to install the woofer and tweeters. A special mounting bracket is necessary to hold them in place. For example, in order to install the tweeter, you have to use an angle-flush type of mounting, which will require you to drill a hole in the door panel. From this point you will be able to attach the cord of the woofer and the tweeter. Make sure that the connection crosses over using the quick slides.

  7. You can now attach the door panel back.

  8. Lastly, connect the negative terminal back to the battery.

These steps can be quite a challenge but are doable. Just use the above steps on how to install speakers in a car as a reference.


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