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how to install wood flooring over concrete

how to install wood flooring over concrete

Wood flooring is becoming one of the top choices in households for various reasons. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and looks beautiful with any furniture. It is easy to clean too, especially if the finishing is done properly. If you have a concrete base, you may be wondering how to install wood flooring over concrete, especially since it seems impossible to nail down wood into concrete. However, you can accomplish this do-it-yourself project by following these steps:

  1. Determine the number of wood planks you need. Multiply the length and width of the room to get the area and divide by the area of the wood planks. Add 10 percent for additional allowance.

  2. Let the wood flooring get accustomed to the humidity, temperature, and other elements of the room. You can also check the instructions pertaining to conditioning the wood.

  3. Clean the cement thoroughly. Use a concrete grinder to remove any unwanted elements that may interfere with the adhesion, such as wax and oil, and make it level.


  4. Prepare the foundation. Fix any cracks. Check the baseboards if it needs to be trimmed off. Make sure that there will be no obstacles in the way of installing the wood flooring.

  5. Use a concrete moisture test kit to make sure the concrete is dry and ready for you to install the wood flooring.

  6. Wipe the room clean with a cloth to make sure that everything is dust free.

  7. Using a paint roller, apply a moisture barrier solution for additional protection. Let the solution dry out for at least half a day.

  8. When the concrete is ready, apply the adhesive with a notched trowel.

  9. Start working on one side of the room and determine which way you want the lines of the wood to go. Place a ¼ inch wood spacer from the wall and set down a plank of wood onto the adhesive.

  10. Add additional planks until the whole section by the wall is covered with wood. Press down firmly to help the wood flooring adhere.

  11. Work on the next row. Pour the adhesive onto the cement and level it out. Place the wood flooring down and press firmly. Use a piece of wood and a hammer to bind the two rows, making sure there are no gaps in between. Repeat until finished.

  12. Depending on the room size and plank length, you may need to measure and cut some pieces. This is one of the reasons for the 10 percent allowance when buying the wood flooring.

  13. When you are done, check if everything is even and all sides of the wall have the space needed. Take out the spacers. Leave the room alone for at least two days, making sure that no heavy objects are placed on the floor.

You can get a new beautiful floor just by following the above steps on how to install wood flooring over concrete.


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