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how to integrate technology in the classroom

how to integrate technology in the classroom

With the present advances in technology, there is a need to implement changes in the way classrooms are handled. Instructors should learn how to integrate technology in the classroom in order to keep up with the changing times. In effect, incorporating technological breakthroughs into the classroom will ultimately bring a new dimension to teaching. Modern technological advancements, such as the Internet, laptops and cell phones, are strongly influencing the world today – including educational establishments. This does not mean the total eradication of the traditional classroom instruction but rather the integration of new technology. Most students are perceptive with new technology. As a teacher, you should maximize this opportunity. Here are some ways you can integrate technology in your classroom:

  1. Make a website for the class. This is the first step you should take to encourage Internet interaction. The website could be used as a tool for both students and teachers to research on a given assignment while interacting with others via chat or forums.

    All content and links on the website must be closely relevant to the class lessons. Furthermore, the contents must not simply be relevant but also entertaining to entice the students to participate.

  2. Introduce the concept of a multi-media learning system. Introducing this system in the classroom is very beneficial. Start using multi-media projectors during class presentations, slide shows, live streaming of videos, digital video and audio recorders and interactive whiteboards. These enhancements will capture the interest of your students.

  3. Make your daily home assignments available online. This will encourage students to visit the class website, search for answers to the assignments and eventually send them to your email. In your assignments, give your students more links to visit so they can further explore the subject. Limiting your students to a single website may quickly bore them.

  4. Organize chat sessions one-hour per week. A thorough chat session at the end of the week is a good avenue for the teacher and the students to recapitulate what transpired during the class days. Students will be able address points they didn’t fully understand. At the same time, they can inquire on their assignment for the coming week.

    A chat session is also a good setting to give reminders and provide oral recognitions to students who did well in the class. Providing recognition will not only boost the morale of your students, but it will also encourage them to strive for more.

  5. Take the students on a virtual tour via the Internet. By using Google Earth, you can take your students on a virtual tour of the wonders of the world. This technology is very relevant when you are teaching geography and world history. This will make the learning session very effective.

The above strategies are just several basics ways on how to integrate technology in the classroom. Experiment with different techniques to take your classroom interaction to the next level. After all, your students deserve the best.


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