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How to Introduce a New Cat to Another Cat

How to Introduce a New Cat to Another Cat

When bringing a new cat or kitten into your household, you risk making your current pet feel neglected. The problem now is how to introduce a new cat to another cat. Proceeding with the utmost respect to the first cat in the house can make it possible for the second one to live harmoniously with the other. Follow these tips:

  1. Rivalries are more common in cats of the same sex. If you already have a male cat at home, do not bring home another male cat that is of the same age and size. You can expect a riot the moment your old cat smells the presence of its rival cat. If you do not want to change the personality of your loving cat into a fierce one, find a female cat that it can have an intimate relationship with. Make sure that at least one of the cats is neutered.

  2. It helps to bring in an inferior cat rather than a superior cat. Since the first cat has already established his territory, it is more welcoming if the new addition to your family is a lot smaller or younger. If it is a kitten, the older cat will just be curious and it’s not likely to initiate a fight.


  3. Find the right timing for the new kitten to move into your house. If you have been playing with the new cat, go home without it first and play with your old cat before having a shower. This way, the old cat can already sense the smell of the new kitten. It will be more accepting if it’s a bit familiar with the new addition.

  4. Don’t give more reasons for your cat to get jealous. Upon arriving home with the new kitten, prepare its own corner with all the facilities. It must not fight over food with your old cat. It should have its own litter box and fresh supply of water. Put a piece of cloth in the new cat’s bedding. After it has had the chance to roll on it, place that piece of cloth into the old cat’s sleeping area. This is to make it more familiar with the new kitten.

  5. If the old cat is curious with the new facilities, just let it investigate. Do not show that you are unhappy with its curiosity. You owe your cat an explanation as to why a new pet is necessary.

  6. Do not be too busy with your new cat and neglect your old cat. Instead, encourage them to interact. You might be surprised how easily they can get along after a few days of getting to know each other. The older cat might end up babysitting the younger mate in the process.

  7. Reward your old cat with its favorite treats for behaving well towards your new pet. You can also encourage both to play together by giving them a toy that they can share while playing.

You will realize eventually that how to introduce a new cat to another cat is feasible with careful consideration.


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