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How to Introduce Cats and Dogs

How to Introduce Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs are known to be rivals. Introducing these two animals with competitive personalities is somewhat complicated. Learn proper strategies on how to introduce cats and dogs. You will surely appreciate them both as part of your family. Here are some tips:

  1. Learn more about your cat and dog’s behaviors. Before you proceed to introduce a cat and a dog, it is important to know their moods and behaviors. This basic step will help you plan for your goal. Your pet dog should be disciplined and capable of following some simple commands. You should have also imparted some disciplinary rules to your cat. Being their care taker, you can feel and understand their moods. If you think you are prepared for this step, let your cat and dog meet finally.

  2. Begin to introduce the cat to your dog while they are in good moods. Prepare delectable treats for both of them. The dog should stay in its crate while enjoying its meal. The cat will be quite scared to get closer to the dog - it must stay in its basket or carrier.

    If it tries to get out of the basket, it is much better to let it walk around, despite the presence of the confined dog.

  3. Put them both at a distance and let them see each other. If the dog shows good behavior, praise it to show your appreciation for the good manners it displayed. Otherwise, if it struggles and intends to attack the cat, restrain it and try to calm it down. Let the dog learn more discipline while the cat is present.  Return the cat to its designated place and repeat this simple activity many times daily. If you notice that both animals’ struggles become lesser as you repeat this activity, you are then ready to proceed to the next step.

  4. Take your dog from its cage after several days of the visiting activity to get it closer to your cat.  Just get ready for any unexpected rapport. The poor cat might get hurt if the dog aggressively pursues it. If you don’t see any signs of troubles, let the dog stay alongside the cat. Make them familiar with common commands when they show relatively positive responses together. Repeat this session for several days and then expose them more to each other gradually. Although they are already comfortable with each other, never leave the cat alone with the dog just yet. Destructive fights can still happen at this point.

  5. Make a special room for your cat and dog. If they are both comfortable with each other, give them time to be together in a room - but make sure that the room provides access for the cat to escape if it wishes. Safety is more important, especially for the cat as the weaker animal. Make sure that the barrier installed will assure the cat’s protection. The dog will sometimes show too much excitement and play hard with the cat. Be strict with your disciplinary actions if they misbehave, but be generous in rewarding them when they follow your commands.

It is wiser to train a puppy and a kitten to live with each other. True friendship can happen between them.  If you do not have a choice but to implement how to introduce cats and dogs, be ready for the worst. Sometimes, you will fail to make them friends. Do not expect too much and just be patient. They can get used to each other eventually as time progresses.


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