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how to join the Marine Reserves

how to join the Marine Reserves

Being in the Marines is a lifelong obligation. That is what loyalty and commitment means to them. There is no off duty, vacation or even retirement because once a Marine always a Marine. Marines are in it for the long haul, dedicating themselves to man and country. When they reach the age of “retirement,” or out of active military service, they can inquire on how to join the Marine Reserves. This special corps allows Marines to continue serving after their active duty. They can get their training in units that are near their homes. This way they can go whenever they are needed. Before you become a Marine Reserve, you must join the service and complete active duty. Here’s how:

  1. There is an age limit for those aiming to join the Marine Corps Reserve. You must be between 18 and 28 years old. If you want to join earlier, you can do so at age 17 provided you have a letter of consent from your parents.

  2. You should be at least a high school graduate. If you are a General Education Development (GED) certificate holder, you still have a chance to qualify if you have a high score on the ASVAB test, though the opportunities are limited.

    r those who are currently enrolled in college, there is a ROTC program that you can join. For more information, check with your local Officer Selection Office.

  3. A physical requirement is necessary since you will be undergoing tremendous physical activities. There are certain weight and height requirements for you to pass the physical screening test. Contact a nearby recruitment office for queries on the exact physical requirements.

  4. To join the US Marine corps, you have to be a U.S. citizen. If you are a Permanent Resident Alien or have a green card, you may proceed to join. If you have questions regarding your qualification, you can inquire at any recruitment office. Each sector has different rules regarding citizenship.

  5. After enlisting, the Marine Corps members will undergo the standard basic training for 12 weeks. There are two training centers available, one in San Diego, California and another at Parris Island, South Carolina.

  6. During the 12-week training, only those who will pass the vigorous training will qualify. The training focuses on shaping the core values of the organization -- honor, courage and commitment -- through intense physical and mental procedures.

  7. Once you have passed the training, you can then join the Marine Reserve Corps after you have finished your active duty.

The Marines pride themselves on being the best among the best. A Marine is a Marine. This group is known to be the elite group and only the finest people, in spirit, in action and in words earn the title. You must live up to high standards during and after the recruitment process. With the kind of service that the Marines provide for the country, they are well compensated by the government. They also benefit from good healthcare and other advantages. These benefits go along with the uniform. These steps on how to join the Marine Reserves must be coupled with honor, courage and commitment.


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