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how to join the military after high school

how to join the military after high school

After finishing high school, there are a number of new graduates who decide to serve their country. Although each branch of the US Armed Forces has its own set of requirements, there are still common approaches and basic requirements concerning how to join the military after high school. Joining the army, for example, is not only an opportunity to augment your finances so you can go to college later on, but it is also a rare chance to build a career with huge benefits and breaks. Let’s find out how you can get started.

  1. Secure and prepare the documents needed. You will need your high school transcript and diploma, birth certificate, citizenship certificate if applicable, social security number, medical records, detailed employment history, detailed foreign travel history, a complete criminal record if any, drug use history, list of character references, and recruiting officer for a particular branch in the military service.

  2. Do thorough research.

    You can decide between the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and the Marine Corps. To start off, you can ask friends who are or have been in the military so you can better plan your life in the service. Be aware of the amount of time you’re required to serve because you may be subjected to serious legal consequences if you leave the military service before allowed. The charges against may include confinement, dishonorable discharge, and forfeiture of basic pay and benefits as well. You should also talk to family members. Remember, join the military is a big decision to make.

  3. Meet the common requirements. To successfully enlist in the military service, you can either be a US citizen or a permanent resident alien, at least 17 years old or over, physically fit, and have a high school diploma or a general education diploma (GED). You can get a GED from community colleges in your area if you dropped out of high school.

  4. Talk to the local recruiter in your area. Rather than emailing the recruiter or calling him, consider meeting them in person. Don’t forget to bring the items enumerated in No. 1 because they will help with the recruiter’s assessment. Don’t hesitate to ask the recruiter which branch of service you’d fit into based on your qualifications.

  5. Comply with the ASVAB requirement. This item refers to a series of Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery tests conducted for three hours or so. You can take the test at certain sites, and you can also ask your local recruiter where to take it. The ASVAB will determine your interests and capabilities. Based on the results, you will know which branch is most appropriate for you.

  6. The next stop is the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) managed and operated by the US Military Entrance Processing Command composed of civilian and military staff personnel. The MEPS will perform a medical examination to identify the level of your physical fitness. They will also be responsible for conducting the needed background check and informing you of your basic rights while in the service and your obligations to the nation. After all the examinations, they will inform you whether or not you qualify to serve. If qualified, the MEPS will finally administer your oath.

After you have complied with the above-identified steps on how to join the military after high school, you can expect to learn deeper values and comprehensive military discipline. Start your career from there and seriously work on ways you can eventually reach higher heights.


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