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How to Keep a Dog in the Yard

How to Keep a Dog in the Yard

It is sometimes confusing that a dog that is pampered and has ample doggie facilities in the yard would want to escape and mingle with stray dogs. This is not only dangerous for the dog, but also for the owner, who becomes liable when the dog misbehaves and starts biting people. If you always find yourself chasing after your dog after it jumps over the fence of your yard, you should review these tips on how to keep a dog in the yard:

  1. Do not rely on the facilities that you put up to keep your dog in the yard. Dogs are called man’s best friend for good reason. A dog certainly needs companionship, especially that of its master. Normal things like going for a walk and games such as ball-fetching and helping with tasks must still be part of the dog’s daily activities. No matter how extravagant and well-equipped your yard is, something important is missing when there’s not enough dog and human interaction.

  2. Be resourceful when you are too busy to give quality time to your dog. Toys can entertain your dog for a while but safe toys stuffed with its favorite meal can go a long way.

    st make sure that you do not over-feed your dog. Include the stuffed food in toys as part of its regular meals. Make sure also that it has access to a fresh supply of water when you are not there to replenish its water bowl.

  3. Examine the design of your fence to see if there are portions that are open, enticing the dog to watch the happenings outside the fence. It could also be that parts of the fence are falling apart, challenging the dog to break-free. It helps to keep your dog happy where it is. This works if there are no temptations outside the fence. So, inspect the fence for any damage or change it into a covered one if necessary.

  4. Put a higher fence up if you have a big dog. Dogs have sensitive senses of smell and hearing, and their curiosity can be triggered by what they hear or smell. This can give them the urge to jump over the fence, even if it shows no visible view beyond. You can go as high as a 6-foot high fence to be sure.

  5. Check the ground surface underneath the bottom portion of the fence for traces that your dog has been digging in order to burrow below the fence. To be sure your dog stays within the compound, you can have the surface along the fence cemented to make it impossible for it to dig.

  6. Never hurt your dog if you get it back after it has escaped. Dogs have tendency to go away for good if you are cruel to them. Your dog will not realize that its escaping is the reason for the punishment. It will only know the pain you inflicted on it at that very moment.

  7. Just scare off your dog with harmless techniques when you see it trying to find ways to escape. For instance, you can splash water on it. Attach some improvised devices that will make distinct sounds if the dog happens to get in contact with them while trying to approach the fence in your absence. You can hang some small cans on a string at the top and bottom parts of the fence: Hang them like chimes.

How did you rate in this proposal on how to keep a dog in the yard? Now you know what to do to keep your pet safe and sound in your territory.


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