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How to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture

How to Keep Cats from Scratching Furniture

Scratching is one of a cat’s natural habits. Pet owners are sometimes annoyed with this destructive behavior, especially when it results in damage to furniture. Know how to keep cats from scratching furniture to avoid damages to your valuable items. Here are some tips:

  1. Consider the procedure of declawing your cat. It is the easiest way to keep it from scratching your furniture. However, declawing is a continuous process. Cat’s claws can grow back to their full size. Let the veterinary surgeon perform declawing the first time as you sit back and observe. You can perform the next declawing when you know what to do.

  2. Provide your cat with a scratching post or materials that it can exercise its scratching on. Cats often want to scratch after eating their meals and after having a good sleep. Knowing your cat’s routine will help you to prepare the materials that it is more likely to scratch. For a cat, scratching is simply another form of exercise. It would be best if you could provide your cat a room with all its things.

    tower or cat tree will be a good addition to the cat’s room. This structure will give the cat something to climb and nap on.

  3. Protect your furniture with materials that the cat naturally hates. Use plastic covers, aluminum foil and double sided-tape. These things can discourage the cat from getting closer to your furniture. Cats don’t like anything to stick on their fur. The sound of aluminum foil is frightening to cats. Plastic covering will work best in protecting your furniture.

  4. Try using a water sprayer. Cats are normally afraid of water. Therefore, use this device to discourage your cat’s naughtiness. Refill the sprayer with water and then load an orange peel or bitter apple. It will be an added deterrent for your cat. Spray it on your cat every time it intends to scratch your furniture. Your cat will gradually realize that it should not invade these important areas of your house.

  5. Use balloons to protect your furniture from your cat while you are away. Inflate some balloons and scatter them on your furniture. Make them big so that they will pop easily. Tie them up or tape them to keep them in place.  When your cat starts to play and scratch the prohibited areas, the sensitive balloons will pop, scaring the cat away.

  6. Search for alternative remedies on the net. The Internet supplies people with various solutions. For example, there is a great product called Soft Paws. This can be used to protect your cat’s paws without declawing it. It is made up of vinyl caps to be applied to your feline’s paws. You just need to glue the caps onto your cat’s front paws. This product prevents your cat from scratching your furniture; it will also protect your children from scratches when they play with the cat.

The above strategies on how to keep cats from scratching furniture are definitely useful for most pet owners. Do not punish your pet physically if it destroys any of your valuable furniture. Instead, you need to patiently give it proper training. Understand that a cat is just an animal and it is dependent on your guidance.


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