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How to Keep Cats Off Furniture

How to Keep Cats Off Furniture

If you are having difficulty cleaning up messy cat hair from around the house, paw marks on the table and cat urine on the couch - you need some help. These helpful steps on how to keep cats off furniture are the remedy.

  1. Create a place for your cat. Cats are naturally fond of jumping to and staying on high places. To keep your cat off your bookshelves or cabinets, build a cat’s room with a tower specifically made for it. Your feline will love to climb it and stay on the top. Make a cozy bed to encourage your cat not to sleep on your couch. You may add a warm blanket and some enjoyable toys for it to play with. Include the entire cat’s paraphernalia like food bowl, litter box and water. Your cat will surely be satisfied with your way of caring for it.

  2. It’s better to bring home a kitten than a cat. It’s easier to train kittens than full grown cats. As the kitten grows, it can easily adapt to your household rules and it will be able to follow simple commands fast. Never give physical punishments; instead, learn to state your disapprovals by uttering “no, no” or “go down” with a loud and firm voice.

    nd your cat right after it misbehaves. On the other hand, give your little friend its favorite treat if it’s being obedient.

  3. Put protection on your furniture. Training cats requires full attention. If you are not in your house all the time, cover your furniture with a plastic covering or a blanket before you leave. Buy aluminum foil and spread the sheets on your couch, bed and other furniture or wherever you want to deter your cat. Cats are often afraid of walking on aluminum foil due to the sound.

  4. Always keep your water sprayer handy. Since cats are naturally afraid of water, use your water sprayer every time it tries to go on your furniture or dining table. This training will allow your cat to realize that it is prohibited to step on your furniture or sleep on your expensive couch. Water is not hazardous and it will not hurt your cat.

  5. Use balloons to keep your cats away from your furniture. Inflate some balloons. Blow them up as big as possible for an easy pop. Place the balloons on your furniture. Get a string and tie or tape them where they are needed. Place some balloons around the house as well. If the cat tries to jump or claw on your dining table or couch, the balloon will surely pop. The cat will get frightened and run away to its safe refuge.

How to keep cats off furniture involves training and establishing routines.  If you are determined to have a well-behaved cat, discipline the cat the moment you adopt it to live in your home. Check out more training tools at local pet shops.


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