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How to Keep Cats off of Living Room Furniture

How to Keep Cats off of Living Room Furniture

Cats are indoor pets, and so they usually stay inside the house alongside our personal belongings. Though they are welcome inside our homes, not all furniture is pet friendly. Some are so hard to clean and easily damaged by cat claws. As it is typical for cats to scratch these items, you should know how to keep cats off of living room furniture.  Here are some pointers you can consider:

  1. Start with training as soon as you have your pet cat. If you sit on your favorite expensive sofa but you do not want your pet to be on it, say “no” and indicate with your hand you want it to get off. This may sound unfriendly but it’s the only way for your pet to understand that the sofa is not the place for it. You can also bring the cat to its designated place and play with it there. Once it starts to sit or stay on the forbidden furniture, it will be difficult to drive it away. You might be surprised that even without you - it will choose to take a nap there.

  2. Put aluminum foil on the surface and side of the furniture.

    s do not like the crisp sound produced when aluminum is being scratched or crumpled.

  3. If you have a stubborn cat, get a water spray gun and shoot it with water whenever you catch it on the forbidden furniture. Cats get annoyed when they get wet and tend to flee the source of water.

  4. Choose a citrus flavored spray to maintain your living-room furniture’s luster. The scent will stay on your furniture and your cat will stay away from it because it dislikes the citrus smell. You can also use a citrus peel as a decoration on top of the furniture and surely your cat will avoid going near it. You can get artistic with this and cut the orange or lemon peel in different shapes and put it in an ornamental bowl. Just make sure to replace the peel with new ones from time to time.

  5. Maintain a place designated for your cat. Place some toys or a piece of wood in the area for scratching.  Without any available pieces of wood to scratch - they might turn to your furniture.

Although you want household pets like your cat to be comfortable living with you, you should also protect your valuable items. Therefore, it is important to learn how to keep cats off of living-room furniture. It may be tedious at the start, but your efforts will pay off.


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