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How to Keep Cats Out of Flower Beds

How to Keep Cats Out of Flower Beds

Cats are sometimes very unpredictable. You will be surprised at what kind of places they will choose to sleep in, play on and wander around. You must sometimes wonder why they would choose to be there when there are more comfortable places - like the warm and clean living space you have provided for them. Here are some tips on how to keep cats out of flower beds:

  1. Cats love freshly cultivated soil and would love to make your flower bed a new litter box. Mulching with dry leaves and twigs could make your flower bed less attractive, but this will stop the cats from digging in it. Many have tried this and it is effective.

  2. Cats love dry soil, so water your flower beds regularly to keep it wet or moist. Surely, a cat will not like digging in wet soil when it wants to unload. Just make sure it is not overwatered or you will drown your plants.

  3. Put citrus peels like oranges or lemons in your flower bed. Cats don’t like the smell of citrus, so the scent will serve as a repellant.


  4. Putting a chicken wire fence around your flower bed is very effective in keeping the cats away.

  5. Spray repellant on your flower bed to keep the cats away. Inquire about the best available repellant at your local garden shop.

  6. Put a mechanized scarecrow in your garden area. Its constant movement will scare away the cats.

  7. Install a sensor in your garden so that when it detects a moving object, it will activate the sprinkler and drive the cat away. The cat will definitely not like it and will refrain from going near your flower bed.

  8. Install a low wattage electric fence. You will not want to harm the cat- just scare it away, so a battery operated fence is fine.

  9. Always provide your cat with a clean litter box so there is no need for it to look for other areas to relieve itself. Keep this clean at all times as most cats will not want to use it when it is dirty.

  10. Make startling sounds whenever you find your cat in your flower bed. This is tantamount to reprimanding it - giving it the impression that you are angry. Cats are sensitive to emotions and will get the message.

Having cats around is a joy, but sometimes they can cause damage to your home and yard unintentionally. This makes it important to know how to keep cats out of flower beds as it can become an alternate litter box for them. Do not tolerate this behavior or the cat will make it a habit.  Though their waste can fertilizer the soil, their pee is so rich with ammonia that plants can die from it - not to mention the very strong smell it emits.


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