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how to keep deer out of your garden

how to keep deer out of your garden

A deer can be quite a garden pest. They can munch up and destroy the garden you have carefully and lovingly built. Before they can actually do this, take some preventive measures and know how to keep deer out of your garden.  Here are some important tips:

  1. Put up bird netting or a fence about 8 feet high.  Although it is not really very attractive to see a garden with a fence surrounding it, this will definitely keep the deer off.  You can sacrifice beauty in favor of garden security.

  2. Sprinkle grated Ivory soap or Irish Spring around your garden borders.  A deer will not like the smell of soap on its meal.

  3. Hang small drawstring bags made of loosely woven material filled with milogranite. This is a fertilizer with an odor that deer dislike.  Hang these on bushes and shrubs that deer usually love to munch.

  4. Soak rags in human urine and bury them at the outside rim of your garden and cover them with some mulch.

    smell of humans is repulsive to wild animals.

  5. Mix one slightly beaten egg with 1 quart of water and spray the mixture onto anything that the deer can eat.  This is cheap and environmentally friendly.  Reapply this mixture after rain or after heavy watering.

  6. Sprinkle your garden with black or red pepper, garlic, onions or curry powder. Afterward, spray a little water so it sticks to the leaves. This has a pungent smell that deer don’t like.

  7. Don’t grow plants that deer like to eat.  If you insist on planting things that deer love, plant them close to your house where you can easily keep watch.

  8. Mix plants with bitter odors, like chives and mints, with your sweet smelling plants.  This will discourage the deer from coming close and feasting on your produce.

  9. Include some plant varieties that are fuzzy, bumpy or thorny like roses.  Deer normally look for an easy and palatable looking meal and will most likely ignore a garden with these types of plants.

  10. Tall grass will invite deer. Trim it regularly as deer love the cover of tall grass.

  11. Harvest your fruits and vegetables as soon as they are ripe.  Store them indoors before the deer gets them first.

  12. As deer don’t climb, build your garden in such a way that it forces them to climb.  They will not like the discomfort of having to climb. Build raised beds and terraces. Putting up obstacles can also help as deer prefer to have an easy time in feeding.

  13. Make your garden invisible. A closed fence to hide the presence of a garden is advisable.

  14. Putting up scarecrows or chimes will help ward off deer. Garden statues of people or animals may also frighten the deer away.

There are a number of creative ideas of how to keep deer out of your garden. You can pick any of the above options that appeal to you.  A deer is not a welcome visitor in your garden, but never try to poison them as they are living creatures too.


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