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How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer

How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer

Dehydration, fatigue, overheating, sunburn and other common summertime ailments are not only felt by humans but also by dogs and other pets. Like you, your dogs need to be protected from excessive heat during this season. You can learn how to keep dogs cool in the summer to prevent them from developing these problems. Your dogs will live comfortably through the warm season if you treat them well and help to alleviate their suffering. You have to remember that dogs do not have the capacity to cool themselves off and fully rely on you to assist them. Here are practical and easy steps to help keep your dogs happy during the summertime.

  1. Give your dog a little trim. If your dog belongs to a breed with a thick coat, giving it a little trim will help cool it. Let it rest comfortably on your lap and brush its coat until you see that you have earned its trust. Get out your pair of scissors and lightly lift a few strands of hair away from the dog’s coat then groom and cut them. Be careful not to hit the dog’s skin as this may cause it to go wild.

    Do not over-trim your dog, however, as its coat also acts as protection from the heat.

    room only what is necessary to keep your dog cool.

  2. Provide adequate water. As the saying goes, water is life. This is not only true for humans but for dogs as well. One of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to help your dogs’ bodies counter the summer heat is to let them drink as much water as they can. Prepare enough fresh water wherever your dogs are- whether at play, out in the yard, or inside the home. Let them have twice as much water during the summer as they take during the cooler seasons.

  3. Keep your dogs shaded. The summer season is also the season for playing outdoors with your pets and family. However, you need to provide a shaded area where your dogs can rest and recuperate the energy they used up while playing. If you do not have a tall tree standing in your yard to provide the needed shade, a doghouse will be good enough to keep them away from the heat.

    If the temperature outside is too hot for you then it is most likely too hot for your dogs as well. You can always put playing off during these times and do it on cooler days. It is also recommended to have dog walks in the early morning or in the evening when the ground temperature is not too hot as otherwise it can burn the paws of the dogs. Afternoon walks can be harmful to you and your dogs.

  4. Give them a cool bath. If you like taking a bath two or three times a day on warm days, rest assured that your dogs need to take a bath, too. They may not need to do it as much as you do, but they need to feel cool water running over their bodies. Let cool water wash off the heat from their bodies from the neck down to their paws. You may give your dogs cool showers before you walk them, and their coats should have dried up by the time you reach home.

Learning these tips on how to keep dogs cool in the summer should be on your priority list. Putting them into action will save you from having to spend on weather-related ailments and will help give your dogs longer lives.


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