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How to Keep Squirrels Off Bird Feeders

How to Keep Squirrels Off Bird Feeders

Squirrels are interesting to watch but most bird watchers are not really happy seeing these little creatures around their bird feeders. They do not only take the feeds for their food but they are fond of destroying wooden bird feeders as well. This is the reason why how to keep squirrels off bird feeders is invaluable knowledge. Whether you want your bird seeds to be safe or the feeder itself, the following suggestions should help:

  1. If squirrels are abundant in your area, use thistle seeds for your bird feeders. Only some squirrels will eat this kind of seed. These are also called nyger seeds. Although it’s true that these seeds are not appetizing for squirrels, they can still be taken by the desperate ones.

  2. Never place your bird feeder on a tree or near it. It must be installed at a distance of 8 feet from the nearest trunk. Hanging it over 6 feet off the ground will also help. Remember that squirrels can leap so they can gain access to the feeder through branches hovering above the feeder.

    Choose a place that is cleared from those branches.

  3. Umbrella-like blockades can be added above the feeder before hanging it. These are called baffles. They protect the feeder for squirrel invaders coming from the top of the tree. In case of feeders on a pole, the baffles can be installed below the feeder but must be high enough not to be reached by squirrels from the ground. Above 5 feet must be sufficient.

  4. Make use of PVC pipes – squirrels cannot crawl on them when the diameter is not less than 8 inches. The trick is to use a fence post that is buried at least 2 feet into the ground. A treated 4 by 4 post is appropriate for this. Install the pipe to increase the height of the post where you can then affix the feeder.

  5. Do not allow the squirrels to use your roof top as their stepping stone. Do not put the feeder next to it because they can jump off from there. They are also very disturbing when they start to get excited trying to reach the feeder from your roof.

  6. The materials that you use for your feeder should be items that they cannot chew. Lexan or metal-based products should be tough enough for them. Do not bargain with them – use the toughest that you can find.

  7. If you have no choice but to hang the feeder over a tree branch, use a synthetic tubal feeder. Choose wirings that are made from vinyl. Do not hang it without a baffle for total security.

  8. Go for the costly one if you have the budget. The ones that are steel-made are the safest. They can also be useful for a very long time.

  9. Divert their attention by setting up diversion feeders. These will contain seeds that they are more attracted to. They will leave your bird feathers behind in favor of these.

Squirrels can be cute little pets too, and you just have to feed them only with very affordable corns. As long as these kernel corns are spread very far from your bird feeders, you’ll be guaranteed that they will stay away. You will then be successful on how to keep squirrels off bird feeders by being kind to them.


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