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how to keep your man

how to keep your man

It’s not an assurance that if he really loves you, he’ll stay! It’s not something that is within your control. You can only do your part to make him stay – so if you love him so much, you should know how to keep your man. Once you already have the idea on how to go about it, act on it immediately. Don’t wait until your relationship is already on the rocks. It may be too late once the signs are already obvious. Check this out now:

  1. It is a fact that a man will not just marry because of sex. He wants the total package. He wants someone who will make him feel secure, well taken cared-of, honored and appreciated. Is this too much to ask? You actually got it from the very start. You gave him attention, love and care by doing simple things – but in most marriages, this vanishes gradually. The partner is taken for granted as time progresses.

  2. Do not let go of yourself if you want to keep your man’s interest. Continue to look good not only for him but for yourself. Keeping fit is also a great priority.


  3. It’s more fun being with like-minded people. If you sense that your man would rather spend more time with his friends, join them. Learn to love his interests. If he wants to hang around outdoors, be ready with your picnic basket.

  4. Also, include your man in your activities. Men want to have a say or part in their partners’ affairs. This will make a man feel that his partner is proud of him.

  5. Do not try to win every argument. People have different opinions, even couples who are together for such a long time. It’s good to compromise, but don't expect to get what you want every time. Be forgiving and considerate with your partner’s views.

  6. Have an open mind when your man suggests to experiment on some personal issues. You are not obliged to do it just for the sake of responsibility. You owe it to yourself to see if you like it.

  7. The essential part in communicating with your partner is the ability to listen carefully. Since men and women do not have the same way of thinking, it is crucial to make it a habit to speak to each other – not only through words, but also through body language. Refrain from heated arguments. If your man is hot, be cool.

  8. Act as a team. The man has his own responsibilities for the family – the same as the woman in the household. If both of you are working - divide the tasks or assist in domestic assignments. If the woman is doing all the cooking, washing and shopping, the man can take out the trash, drive the kids to school and clean the house.

How to keep your man should not be that hard if both of you are committed. If you treasure each other, all things are workable. Men might be different from their counterparts, but they exist to create a balance. It might come to a point where a woman can’t live with a man anymore, but living without him can also be a burden.


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