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How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

How to Keep Your Skin Healthy

Your skin is the largest organ of your body; it's also the most visible and the most exposed to the elements. Considering these things, it only makes sense that you'd want to know how to keep your skin healthy. Take a look at these hints to start:

  1. Apply sunblock. UVA and UVB rays reduce your skin's elasticity and cause wrinkles, spots, and sunburn. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 15 and above. Reapply every two hours or as need if you're perspiring or stay in water most of the time.

  2. Try not to go out during the hottest hours of the day, which is typically from 10 am to 4 pm. If you’re out, consider wearing hats, protective clothing, or use an umbrella. Put on sunscreen as well.

  3. Quit smoking and see your skin make a dramatic change for the better. Since smoking narrows the blood vessels, it restricts blood flow. As a result, your skin gets fewer nutrients and oxygen, which leads to less-than-glowing skin. This habit also destroys elastin and collagen, which are responsible for making your skin elastic and supple.

    Also, the pursing of your lips to smoke promotes the formation of wrinkles.

  4. Get enough sleep every night. Otherwise, your skin will look tired and older than it actually is. Also, less sleep increases stress, which doesn't help your skin or appearance either. See to it that you do not go to bed with makeup on—wash your face clean before you end the night.

  5. According to many studies, exercise is said to help your skin look younger and reverse dermal aging, even if you start working out late in life. Engage in physical activities to boost your skin's health. Start with activities that you enjoy doing, whether it is dancing or running.

  6. Keep your skin clean and treat it with TLC. Cleanse your face twice a day using mild, non-comedogenic products. Use gentle, circular motions when washing your face, and pat your skin dry to avoid irritation.

  7. Don't use hot water to wash your face or shower, as it dries out your skin.

  8. Before shaving, apply shaving gel, cream, or lotion to protect your skin and prepare the hair. Also, use new, clean razors and shave in the same direction as the hair growth.

  9. Eat a balanced and nutritious diet rich in vegetables and lean proteins. You can supplement your diet with vitamin and mineral supplements. Sufficient intake of vitamin C promotes collagen production and younger-looking skin.

  10. Avoid scratching or pricking your pimples, as doing so can irritate your skin and even cause scarring. If your skin feels itchy, apply an anti-itch lotion or calamine. Or you can ice the area or rub a bit of moisturizing sanitizer to kill the itch. Moreover, for irritating or itchy breakouts, use cold compresses to make the discomfort subside.

Follow these tips on how to keep your skin healthy to look your best.


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