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How to Kill Ticks on Dogs

How to Kill Ticks on Dogs

To put it simply, ticks are parasites. They need to attach themselves to warm-blooded animals. Then they feed on the blood of these hosts to survive. Unwanted ticks can find their way to the bodies of your dogs. This can be very disruptive to the health of your pets as the parasites may bring infectious bacteria with them. Thus, they need to be removed and killed as soon as you see them. You do not need to worry about the likelihood of harming your pets: You can learn how to kill ticks on dogs without harming the latter. These step-by-step instructions may help you accomplish the task and keep your dogs healthy.

  1. Use tweezers or a removal instrument. The first thing you need to do when taking the ticks off your dogs is to make sure you avoid touching them with your bare hands. Ticks are bacteria-carrying parasites. You do not want to have any contact with them as they may transfer the bacteria they carry to your fingers.

    Tweezers, on the other hand, will help you pick the head of each tick, which will make it more convenient to pull off.

    Once you have a good hold on the head, slowly but steadily pull it off. Be careful not to squeeze the body of the tick. This will help prevent the spread of bacteria.

  2. Place the ticks in a sealed plastic bag. If your area is prone to Lyme disease and other tick diseases, you can take the bag with the ticks to your veterinarian. The veterinarian can analyze them to determine what their species are and what bacteria they carry. If you do not live in such an area, however, you may just responsibly dispose of the plastic bag in the rubbish. Ticks will not die if they are flushed into the toilet. However, you can put alcohol inside the plastic bag to kill them.

  3. Clean the wound. Disinfect the wound that was created by the tick on your dog’s body with witch hazel. This product does not sting as much as alcohol, but will achieve the same effect. Clean the tweezers or removing instrument as well with the witch hazel. Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water even if you used tweezers. This helps to ensure that you are not carrying any infectious bacteria.

  4. Take the dogs to the veterinarian. Observe how your dogs react when you take the ticks off of their bodies. If they fall ill a few days or weeks after the ticks have been taken off, do not waste any time confining them. Take them to the veterinarian immediately so that a diagnosis can be made and the problem sorted out. Preventive actions can also be taken to stop the spread of the disease. Early detection of the cause of an illness is always more successful than treating the illness.

  5. Apply natural tick repellant. Prevent further tick infections by applying a repellant to the fur of your dogs. Choose a repellant that is all natural and does not contain harmful substances. Carefully apply the repellant from the back of the neck down to the end part of the tail then watch your dogs spread it to the rest of their bodies using their natural oil.

Remember to approach your dogs in a calm and gentle manner when you intend to remove ticks from their bodies. They might be frightened at the sight of the tweezers and run away from you. These tips on how to kill ticks on dogs are only effective when performed in a soothing, quick and firm manner.


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