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How to Kiss When You Both Have Braces

How to Kiss When You Both Have Braces

Learning the kissing game can be tricky at first, but it’s very enjoyable once you get the hang of it. However, what if you have braces and the person you’re dating also has them? This brings up some concern over how the two of you might kiss without hurting each other. Worry not; it is still possible to kiss and show each other some affection. Follow our tips below on how to kiss when you both have braces.

  1. Wait it out. If you or your partner’s braces have just been newly installed, you’ll have to wait for at least two weeks to about a month from the time the braces were placed. If you have braces, you know that the first few weeks are quite uncomfortable to downright painful. Most people with new braces have difficulty eating, and the last thing on your mind is probably kissing your partner.

  2. Be gentle. Try close-mouthed kissing first. When you and your partner are more comfortable with your braces, you’ll eventually get to the point when you progress to open-mouthed kissing. When attempting to kiss, don’t push your lips too hard together as this could cause both your lips to graze the braces and get hurt.

  3.  Use your lips. You can still be sensual without using your tongue. Once you’ve gone past the uncomfortable two-week phase, start teasing each other with passionate lip kisses. You’ll still feel the heat even without all that tongue action.

  4. Go slow. Never rush into a kiss. Going slow can help you and your partner get the right feel to each other’s lips and mouths and help you figure out what works and what to avoid. Plus, it helps you get used to what’s comfortable for you and your partner and prevent any cuts or grazes in the future. Besides, going slow also increases the excitement and anticipation from the kiss.

  5. Watch your tongue. Before attempting French kissing, make sure that both you and your partner know what areas to avoid. Even if you both have braces, it may take a while to maneuver your tongue around the other person’s mouth without touching the braces. Once you get the feel of it, you’ll know where to position your tongue and discover what works for both of you. Once you get your tongue inside your partner’s mouth, you can simply flick your tongue up and down, instead of a circular motion. This lessens the chances of your tongue snagging on any part of your partner’s braces.

  6. Know your angles. Since both of you have braces, there may be chances that your teeth may graze each other’s braces. Going slowly at first lets both of you learn which angles work for you. Try varying slanting degrees to see which best prevents your braces from bumping together. Oh, and don’t worry about your braces sticking together as this is actually very unlikely.

  7.  Try using dental wax. Orthodontists use dental wax over braces when a person has trouble dealing with the pain of the braces grazing the inner area of the cheeks or lips. The good news is, dental wax can help with kissing too. It covers up bumps in the metal, which can help prevent cuts or snags on your partner’s lips.

  8. Don’t forget proper hygiene. Wearing braces means that more food gets stuck in them. No one would want to see tidbits of food in between your teeth, let alone stuck to your braces. This can also increase the chance of bad breath, which is a major turn-off when kissing. Always keep a mirror handy, and try to brush your teeth and clean your braces after every meal.

Most importantly, relax and ease into the moment. If you’ve followed all the tips above on how to kiss when you both have braces, stop worrying too much and allow the moment to take over. You and your partner will both enjoy the kiss and forget that you were ever worried about your braces.


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