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How to Kiss While You Make Love

How to Kiss While You Make Love

Though you may be enjoying being with your partner and making love, you may sometimes put kissing on the backburner or forget to kiss in the heat of it all. Remember that your hands (and other body parts) shouldn’t just be the only ones involved in all the action. Kissing can help make a good romp an even better one. Try these tips on how to kiss while you make love to make your next love session even more sizzling.

  1. Ask your partner if they are comfortable with kissing during sex. Most people generally kiss when making love, though some prefer to keep it to a minimum. If you know your partner well, chances are, you know their preferences and you should respect them when you make love.

  2. Start slow. During foreplay, use kisses to heat up the situation. Start with gentle lip-locking, then progress to French kissing and using your tongue to turn each other on. You can also wander down your partner’s neck using your tongue to make their skin tingle. Or you can use your lips and teeth to nibble gently on your partner’s earlobe, which is very sensitive to stimulation.


  3. Use proper timing. You have to know when to fill in gaps in the action with a lingering kiss. Well-timed kisses have a big effect on the sensuality of the moment and will make your partner feel more of the intensity and passion. You can also use kisses to make your actions more sensual. However, you should also make sure that you execute your kisses well—just the right amount of pressure and moisture. Otherwise, an unappealing kiss may distract both of you from the heat of the moment.

  4. Know how to use your hands. While kissing, put your hands on your partner’s face or behind the neck and stroke gently. You can also get your hands tangled in their hair as you go for that passionate kiss. Be sure to make your hands complement your kisses and vice versa. If you’re starting with gentle, romantic kisses, use your hands to gently stroke your partner’s back, abdomen or chest. If you’re going for hot and heavy, you can place them on more erogenous areas, like the inner thighs or buttocks.

  5. Alternate gentle kisses with intense ones. To keep your kisses thrilling, you have to vary the amount of pressure and tongue you use. You can start with gentle, puckered kisses, then progress to more of the tongue action to up the anticipation. Then, when you’ve kept at it for some time, switch to gentler kisses again. This makes sure that the kisses do not get boring. It also keeps your partner excited for your next kiss.

  6. Make eye contact. Though some people prefer closing their eyes, you can momentarily make a more intimate connection by making eye contact when kissing or just before the kiss. Having eye contact will also make both of you feel that you’re both very much into the moment.

  7. Try to kiss regardless of your position. Whether you’re doing the classic missionary, doggy style, or other body-contorting technique of your choice, try to reach for each other lips. This makes lovemaking more intense and intimate. It also makes the effort more meaningful, since not all sexual positions allow easy kissing between partners.

Knowing how to kiss while you make love turns a romp in the sheets to something more intimate and more exciting. Kissing, when done expertly, may even deepen your bond.


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