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how to knit a flower for a hat

how to knit a flower for a hat

Knitting has always been a part of making garments such as sweaters, skirts and socks. It is a long-lasting and valuable tradition. Knitted garments are so pretty and unique that you can even use them as adornments. Flowers are fairly basic designs in knitting. Flowers can beautify anything from headbands to brooches to dresses. Let me show you how simple and easy it is to learn how to knit a flower for a hat.

  1. Prepare your materials: one ball of four-ply yarn, scrap yarn of a complementing color and two knitting needles at size 2.25mm.

  2. Depending on the size of the flower that you want to produce, cast five stitches using the ball of yarn. You can make seven or nine stitches if you want, just always stick with an odd number. You have the option to choose between a single needle method and the double needle method.

  3. To start the foundation of the flower and begin shaping it, slip the first stitch on the first round. Knit and join the next three stitches, leaving the last stitch in your needle.

  4. Purl stitch the first three knit stitches and leave the last stitch as is. Repeat steps three and four to make succeeding rows. Always start with the knit stitch then purl stitch on the next row.

  5. Make four knit stitches and two purl stitches together in the same row. Purl the next stitch, followed by the next two stitches. You will start another round, so turn your work around.

  6. You should have three stitches. Knit the first stitch and then knit the two remaining stitches together. The next stitch should be passed from the left needle, going to the right

  7. Next is the foundation of the next petal. Using a cast on stitch, make six stitches. Only make four stitches if you want a smaller flower. Repeat steps three to seven to make four additional petals.

  8. Once all the petals are done, leave six-inches of yarn before cutting. Lock your work by passing the end of the yarn through the last stitch.

  9. Turn the flower over. Give it a more natural look by pulling a stitch or two at the back of the petal, pinching the middle part.

  10. Using a different color, make a French knot and sew it into the middle part of the flower. You can also use other materials to make the middle part of the flower.

When making the flower, don’t worry about whether it will look flat or uninspired. As you knit, the petals naturally curl up. You have the option to shape it any way you want. Making a knitted flower is quite easy. You can experiment using a variety of different colors. You can even make a couple of flowers using different colors and sizes before attaching it all over the hat. As knitting has evolved between generations of knitters, the art has taken on different directions. Since it is relatively easy to do, it may be a good business venture for younger generations.  Regardless of age or gender, anyone can learn to knit. So, don’t get left behind, buy your knitting needles and start learning how to knit a flower for a hat. Let this project serve as your introduction to the world of knitting.


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