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how to know if you have HIV

how to know if you have HIV

The symptoms of human immunodeficiency virus (or HIV) will take months or years to develop and eventually manifest, depending on the patient’s immune system. The ability of the virus to stay dormant in the human cells makes the immune system unable to react. Without undergoing proper HIV testing, the presence of the killer virus may never be known. Whether or not you suspect you have this disease, you should learn how to know if you have HIV. Once HIV is acquired, the virus will invade and thrive in the human cells and kill the T-Cells or CD4+ cells. When the T-cells are destroyed, the body’s immune system becomes weak, thereby making the infected person susceptible to different diseases. Over time, the infection will lead to AIDS. To know whether or not you are infected with HIV, appropriate testing procedures and confirmatory tests should be done. Read on below for more information.

  1. Know the facts about HIV. Awareness about the causes, the different modes of transmitting the virus, detection and treatment are very important facets in dealing with HIV.

    here are a number of organizations and websites, such as www.aids.org, www.aidsinfo.nih.gov and www.nlm.nih.gov, that are spreading awareness about this dangerous immune system disorder.

  2. See a doctor. The doctor will recommend the proper medical steps and testing procedures to be taken. Normally, the doctor will also give counseling on how to deal with the disorder, or will refer you to a testing center or organization that advocates HIV prevention and management.

  3. Get tested. You can go to any HIV/AIDS testing center. The testing center will perform a series of laboratory tests to detect the virus. Make sure that the testing center is duly accredited or licensed by the Federal Government to perform HIV/AIDS testing procedures.

  4. Undergo a Blood Test. Blood is one of the prime carriers of the virus. Blood contact with HIV infected patients must be avoided, especially if there is an open wound. During the test, the blood will be examined for HIV antibodies. The process normally takes one to two weeks to complete. Another option is a rapid blood test result, which will take around twenty minutes to finish.

  5. Undergo a Urine Test. Urine samples can also be used to detect the existence of the virus. Just like in blood testing, the urine will be traced for HIV antibodies. However, an initial positive result of HIV infection under this kind of test requires further confirmation.

  6. Undergo a Oral Fluid Test. Under this testing procedure, the saliva samples called enzyme immunoassay, or EIA, are taken by a special collective device. Like in the previous tests, the samples will then be screened for HIV antibodies. Once the test yields a positive result, it will still go through further tests for confirmation.

  7. Use a Home Testing Kit. This option is recommended to individuals who want to perform the testing procedure privately. Blood samples are taken from a pricked finger and placed on a specially designed treated card. The card bearing the samples are then mailed to a testing center for evaluation and examination. Further confirmatory tests may still be required.

Now that you are aware of how to know if you have HIV, there is no reason why you cannot detect the presence or absence of the virus in your body. Remember, a conclusive negative result will give you another lease on life, not to mention stable peace of mind. At any rate, however, to avoid being confronted with the above- enumerated laboratory tests, the best thing to do is to stay away from the known risk factors of HIV.


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