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How to Know if Your Dog is Pregnant

How to Know if Your Dog is Pregnant

It’s typical for dog owners to suspect if their dog is pregnant when they see strange behaviors in their pet. Whether you are breeding your dog or not, you have all the rights how to know if your dog is pregnant especially when it’s accidental – the offspring will be your added responsibility. Consider these dog pregnancy facts:

  1. Think about right timing when you allow your dog to mate or when you just happen to discover its sexual activity. You will surely be aware when it’s on heat because it’s normally anxious and noisy. If you have a female dog, be aware that its fertility cycle will last for 21 days. The first 10 days at least when there’s bleeding will not be appropriate because the dog will have pain – but right after that is the best time because that is when your dog is very fertile. This will last for about a week when both male and female dogs are interested with each other - before the female dog loses interest at the final stage of the cycle.

  2. Do not be surprised that in the course of the dog’s intercourse with its mate, they suddenly become locked up with each other at their genitals.

    called a tie and it symbolizes that the sperm is emitted to the reproductive system of the female dog that will likely make it pregnant.

  3. Know that there’s no guarantee that your assessment is correct when self-examining the dog for the symptoms of pregnancy. A false alarm can be detected and when this occurs, seek medical help for your dog. The growth of tumor will also have similar signs with pregnancy in dogs. So, don’t let this pass without bringing it to the vet.

  4. Observe you dog’s eating habits. When it suddenly loses interest in foods and not anymore enticed by its favorite treats. There’s something going on inside its system. The growth of the unborn puppies inside its uterus triggers hormonal changes that affect its appetite.

  5. Be aware that hormonal changes can also make the dog inactive. It may be feeling sick or just lazy and will prefer staying still even when it’s not sleeping. The mood of the dog is gloomier when it started to feel the effects of pregnancy.

  6. Notice the slight increase of its nipples’ sizes. If you are not sure due to very slim difference, stroke it gently. You will feel that the dog’s sensitivity to these areas is increased too. Breeders normally measure their dog’s nipples before and after the mating process to check if it is pregnant.

  7. Be responsive when your dog is becoming overly close to you. It may not know what to do when it started to feel that something odd is happening to its body – especially when it’s the first time it gets pregnant.

  8. Consult the veterinarian to confirm your dog’s pregnancy. The vet has professional trainings in detecting abnormalities in the dog’s system by measuring palpitation intervals, pressing its chest, using medical tools and solutions in the testing process. The test that could be done varies however on your dog’s stage of pregnancy.

It’s good to be competent on how to know if your dog is pregnant like experienced breeders do. It may take a while and lots of experiences not to miss in your assessments - but as a dog owner, this is something to talk about with other dog lovers. They will certainly learn from you too.


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