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how to know when to end a relationship

how to know when to end a relationship

Other than love, a good relationship must be built on trust and confidence. These three essential factors must work together in order to achieve a healthy love affair. Falling in love carries everything from happiness down to the greatest sorrow and sensitivity. When love and affection are no longer there, there are two possible paths you can take:  quit the affair or stay out of pity for the other person. Many couples have asked how to know when to end a relationship, especially when they can't find a reason to continue. You must be aware that love is not always a bed of roses. A strong relationship must be able to survive the tests of time. Trials can either make or break the relationship. But, when things are no longer good for you or you cannot bear the situation anymore, the decision to leave or stay is yours. Below are the key points you must seriously consider.

  1. Make up your mind. Sometimes, love is about letting go. You have to make up your mind, although letting go can hurt so deeply.

    To help you decide, consider writing the pros and cons of staying in the relationship on one hand, and the pros and cons of ending the relationship on the other hand. Weigh your options carefully.

  2. Listen to your heart.  According to some, the heart has reasons of its own, which the mind cannot understand. There may be times that the mind becomes too illogical. Equally, there may be times when the heart knows best. Remember, it is your heart that dictates falling in love; thus, it is right and proper to give it due consideration in falling out of love.

  3. Consider the actuations of your partner. There may be times that your partner becomes too selfish, demanding, inconsiderate and a little bit abusive. These actions can be tolerated to a certain extent. But, when they become a day to day pattern, you have to make a stand. There should be balance in your relationship. The unusual behaviors of your partner will help you determine whether or not to end your relationship.

  4. Consider the level of your trust. Being faithful to your partner is important. Regardless of the circumstance you are facing, there must be trust between the two of you. When trust leads to distrust, the resulting damage may be irreparable. One classic example that can truly wreck havoc to the degree of trust in a relationship is having a philandering or flirting partner.

  5. Assess the degree of neglect. The feeling of being unwanted can lead to the culmination of your love affair. Being neglected is the state wherein your partner loses interest in everything that you do, or doesn’t seem to care about you anymore. Continuous neglect is tantamount to the death of your relationship.

  6. Have a final talk with your partner. Before you end the love affair, make sure you have exhausted all remedial efforts to save your relationship. If all else failed, a final talk is necessary to put all issues at rest. It is best to leave guilt-free with the blessing of goodwill and forgiveness. Talk sincerely. Apologize if you need to.

Ending a relationship can be difficult, especially if you are in doubt whether or not to do it. But, once you learn how to know when to end a relationship, you can do away with the possible psychological and emotional stress. Be firm. Once you leave, there is no turning back.


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