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how to learn algebra fast

how to learn algebra fast

Algebra is a common headache for many students. For someone who is not well grounded on the basics – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents, ratios and fractions – algebra can indeed be confusing and frustrating. However, the beauty of algebra, as it is with math, is that it is completely logical and everything has a solution. It may be puzzling but solving the puzzle can be very gratifying and fulfilling. What’s more, you can learn it, practice it and get better at it. You only need to know how to learn algebra fast and you’re well on your way. Math, of which algebra is a major stepping stone, is good exercise for the brain. It is helpful in training the brain to think logically, hone analytical skills and fire up synapses that connect brain cells to one another. The more we practice that part of our brain, the more it will develop. And the more the brain gets used to thinking in this way, the better it will function in solving other puzzles and problems as well, not just numbers. Here are steps on how to learn algebra fast.


  • Face your fear. If you've convinced yourself that math is difficult and you suck at it, chances are that learning algebra will be a difficult, uphill battle. The fight begins in your brain because it shapes your attitude towards the subject and your interest to learn. Algebra, like most subjects, can be learned and conquered. You only need to allow yourself a bit more time and a lot more work to learn it, unlike your favorite subjects, which almost comes naturally to you. When you love something, you find it easy to work on it. If you don’t have such a love affair with math, at least open your mind to the possibility that problem-solving skills can be acquired. Be kind to yourself, allow yourself to make mistakes and find encouragement in every little gain you make.

  • Assess your starting point. If you are adept at the basics (see above), you can proceed to step two. Aside from the basics, you also need to know how to use a calculator because answers in algebra are not always whole numbers. If you are not well grounded on the basics, or if you are not comfortable using a calculator, brush up on your basics first. Either you should find a tutor to help you get started or you can use books and online exercises to train yourself.

  • The common premise in algebra is to take an equation, isolate the unknown and find the solution. Sometimes the equation (and the corresponding solution) is short and simple; other times, it is long and complicated. But it always follows the same pattern. You will need to balance both sides of the equation until you isolate the unknown and find its value. When confronted with numbers instead of words, don’t panic; remember the basic premise and keep working at it.

  • Find a book or online resource to take you through exercises systematically. Practice, practice, practice. Solve problems and work out solutions, all the while trying to understand the concept and reason for doing things. Check your answers and learn from your mistakes. Take assessment tests to check whether you have understood and learned to apply a concept. Keep reviewing what you have learned because these are important building blocks as you progress.

  • The speed and effectiveness of your learning will depend upon your focus and your effort at practicing what you learn. Your motivation and sincerity will also affect how well you learn. Following these steps on how to learn algebra fast should get you off to a good start.


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