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how to learn English grammar easily

how to learn English grammar easily

If you have paid attention to your comprehensive English grammar lessons while spending many years in school, you will notice the detailed structure of the English language. There are rules to be followed, for example, when constructing a basic sentence. There’s the so-called subject and predicate - plus verb agreement with the singular or plural noun. Proper usage of past tense, present tense, future tense, and past perfect tense should be observed also to be grammatically correct. Studying the English language from scratch could really be demanding with your time and attention, - but discover how to learn English grammar easily by reading through this article.

  1. Determine your level of English. If you really find it hard to construct a sentence in English, it may be necessary to go back to reading kindergarten books. They are not only helpful for you to figure out the right grammar but also fun to read because of the image illustrations. You can advance from the basic level to intermediate when you are comfortable speaking with native English speakers despite committing some mistakes.

    They are more forgiving as far as grammar is concerned because they understand how they would be rated if they speak your own language. You should be able to write and deliver speeches if your English is already at in the advanced level.

  2. Increase your vocabulary. Learn a new English word or two per day by studying the dictionary. Use them in sentences so as not to forget them. You will definitely get tongued-tied when you are short with the right words. You can learn English quickly if you are well-equipped with words. Once you get used to with the right structure in composing a sentence, words will just flow automatically.

  3. Continue to be exposed to more English materials regularly. Reading is the best teacher for the English language. Find books that interest you and never stop reading. – Instead, make it as a hobby. Watching English movies and soap operas are also very helpful because you can really see the corresponding actions for on what they are saying. It will make you understand the language more.

  4. Take a free course online to expose yourself to different English grammar platforms. You can improve your writing skills step by step at your own pace. You can just complete specific lessons in your free time and engage in online tests. Practice writing compositions until you are confident enough to show your work to others.

  5. Let your mentor correct your English grammar exercises or get innovative grammar software. It can improve your writings instantly by correcting them on the spot. You can clearly see the difference when you compare your work with the corrected ones. It will be harder to repeat any mistakes. Opt for a free grammar checker first before purchasing a more advance software.

  6. Practice communicating in English. Take every opportunity to speak in English so that you’ll get used to the correct pronunciations. Studying the right grammar alone is not enough. You should be able to speak it when needed. You can join a community or association of English speakers to enhance your English communications skills.

Now you know how to learn English grammar easily. Make use of it because knowing how to speak and even write in a foreign language is a good addition to your resume. Take note that English is an international business language, and you will have more chances to advance your career into the international scene if you have this skill. No one could master anything when your heart is not there. Enjoy it and make it beneficial for you.


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