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how to learn programming

how to learn programming

There are only three major steps involved when thinking about how to learn programming. Ask yourself why you want to learn it, decide what medium to use and figure out how you are going to get the most suitable programming educational background? You will be able to build a solid programming foundation when your actions follow a plan towards the fulfillment of the purpose you set for yourself. It would be easy to get lost amidst all the technical details if you do not have a clear outline in your head as to where you are going. Don’t let that happen to you. Go through these three steps first, before going forward.

  1. List all the reasons why you are so interested in learning about programming. If this is just a trendy passion because everybody seems to be doing it, you can opt for short courses in programming. You can concentrate on the most common language, for instance Java, because the complexities of other languages might no longer be needed once you are done with your first few programming projects.

    Visual Basic is a good language to learn if you intend to do programming as hobby only, Delphi if you want something more challenging.

    Python and Perl are fun to play with but are often useless. It will be different if you have more serious reasons, like a lifelong livelihood.

  2. Adopt more programming languages one at a time if you are in this programming career for good. Once you have mastered the popular programming language referred to as C, which is appropriate for both learning and business purposes, you can move on to C#, which has more features than C and then Pascal, which is a lot easier to use than C. C++ is a more advanced medium.

    Java is also a popular learning and business programming language, but it has limited concepts compared to C. It is wise to be selective with the languages you choose, to learn what matches your purpose, because it could be confusing to try to take on a lot of information that you’ll have little use for. You will need more of your brain to concentrate on other programming procedures like coding.

  3. Get a concrete educational foundation in computer programming from an established university to support your needs in the field. This is not an easy job, but is very rewarding, wherever you are in the world. The evolving status of information technology can only keep programmers very much in demand. A bachelor’s degree in Information Technology should keep you on solid ground when offers are on the increase.

    You can really go places if you are up to the challenge. IT technology knows no boundaries, and as you keep yourself abreast of the rapidly changing times, you will not have to work for very long to be able to upgrade your lifestyle.
The good thing about working as a programmer is that your work is really measurable. Nobody can accuse you of not doing your job, even if you are not seen in the office all the time. This is one job where you can be mobile if you choose to. You can work independently, or in a corporation if you wish. You just have to lay out your working conditions clearly from the start to avoid problems later on. How to learn programming? The key is there inside you – never give up, despite the possible difficulties in the beginning. The details are only hard to be absorbed when they are initially introduced to you. They will quickly become manageable if you just let them flow as you practice programming regularly.


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