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how to let a guy know you like him

how to let a guy know you like him

Popular belief has it that a guy should make the first move in getting the girl he likes.  He is known to be the aggressor and the pursuer.  He chases the girl of his dreams and the girl waits, wishes, and hopes that it’s going to be her.  But hey!  You can’t just sit around all day and wait for a guy to notice you.  You’ve got to do your part as well.  How to let a guy know you like him is essential in establishing a possible relationship with a guy.  Here’s how:

  1. Establish eye contact.  Mutual attraction between you and the guy of your dreams could start with a simple glance.  Undeniably, eye contact means an interest, whether you’re interested in what he wears, how he speaks or even how he eats. Strong emotions are heightened with eye contact.  So make good use of this non-verbal cue to send a message to a guy you like.  To make it more effective, keep his gaze for a while to let him know that he has your interest.  You can also add an air of intrigue by sporting dark, smoky eyes framed with long, thick lashes.


    Give him a smile.  Never underestimate the power of your smile.  A lot of relationships started with just one smile.  Give him a slow, lazy smile.  He’ll be smitten.  But do not to rush things.  Make him believe that he has spotted you and not the other way around.  Men like it when they feel they’re in control.

  2. Show off your killer heels.  You may not be aware of this, but your shoes may be your best attention-getting props.  Tactically encourage a guy’s attention downward.  Crossing and uncrossing your legs often is a flirtatious gesture that attracts guys to a part that men yearn to touch.

  3. Drop those subtle hints.  These little clues are enough to hook him and make him interested in you.  When you converse with him, maintain interest in what he has to say.  However, don’t make your interest in him overly obvious because it may annoy him in the long run. Even worse, he may take advantage of it.  Make him feel that he has to work to keep you interested.

  4. Be ready for more intimate moments.  When things get a lot more personal, be prepared.  Show that you are interested, but again, never rush things.  Tone down your voice so he’ll have to lean in closer.  Dab just enough perfume to activate his senses and make him want to smell you more.  To hook him even more, you can flip your hair ever so gently enough for him to have a feel.  But be sure to have lustrous and well-groomed hair

  5. Dare yourself.  If on a date you feel the urge to say those sexy little thoughts of yours that you so easily send to a guy through email, then say them.  It can be nerve-wracking at first, but just look for the perfect timing.

  6. Kiss him!  This may seem too straightforward, but if you find him irresistible and that kissing him is the surest way to let him know that you like him, then do it.  A gentle kiss on the cheek, for example, can be a spontaneous show of mutual attraction and admiration.

How to let a guy know you like him will surely help a guy in his quest for that Ms. Right.  Who knows, maybe it’s really you he’s been dying to have in his life.


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