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how to let a man know you like him

how to let a man know you like him

You like him, yet he doesn’t seem to care. You find him attractive, yet he is attracted to someone else. You are falling for him, yet you are only a friend to him. Should you make indecent advances just to get his attention? The answer is no. There are other ways on how to let a man know you like him, without you getting embarrassed or rejected right there and then. Plan your moves with finesse. Don’t rush into things. Closely study the man you like and learn how to attack him on his weaknesses. Although there is no hard-and-fast rule on how to do it, the following steps can help you.

  1. Find out whether he is interested in other girls. If he is single, you have high chances to have him notice you. If he has a girlfriend as of the moment, better not proceed with your plan so you can avoid possible conflict, rejection, or embarrassment. The rule is simple: if a man does not like you, he won’t notice you no matter what kind of playful and flirty moves you do.


  2. Initiate a conversation. Since you are on the offensive side, you have to take the first move. Find a way to start a conversation. Saying “Hi” or “Hello” casually is a good move. Then take it from there.

  3. Smile and keep your poise. Show your sweetest smile every time he is near. Keep your confidence and stay smart with the way you carry yourself so that he can recognize your presence. If he is attracted to the attention you are giving him, it will boost your chances to get close to him. Eventually, you will have the chance to let him know that you like him.

  4. Flirt with him alone. Once you start flirting, flirt with him alone. He wouldn’t like it if you go on flirting with other men around. Every time you come across his way, it’s not too much to give him a good smile. Try holding his hands while you are talking, or fixing a minor glitch on his collar, suit or tie. That would definitely catch his attention. Touch his arms every time you laugh or every time you say goodbye as the day ends. If you get a positive response, then he knows that you like him.

  5. Stay closer to him each time you talk. If he does not react negatively to the degree of closeness between the two of you during casual talks, it is a strong indication that he knows you like him. Capitalize on this kind of tactic because it will allow him to confirm further that you are really attracted to him.

  6. Express yourself. If you can’t tell him straight to his face that you are slowly falling for him, do it the other way around. Express yourself through letters, poems, cards, or short notes. You can send it to his mailbox or personally give it to him. Doing so won’t really hurt.

  7. Tell him directly. When you are already comfortable with each other, find a perfect moment to tell him how you really feel. Telling him straight is much better than having an emissary to do so. The perfect timing is when you are alone together. You can do it also during Valentine’s Day (lucky if you are his date), or during his birthday.

Now that you know how to let a man know you like him, you need not ask someone to carry your message to him. Certainly, you can avoid getting embarrassed. Share this article to those women out there who don’t have the courage to express how they feel to the men they admire.


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